Cats and kittens for adoption (Norely Abd Rahman’s)

Updates on 10th Sept – Mother cat and 3 kittens have been adopted. Only the Siamese is left.

Updates on 12th Sept – The Siamese is adopted too.

Norely Abd Rahman


There is a mother cat and 3 kittens at the back of my friend’s office
that desperately need a home. I am willing to spay the mummy cat and
kittens when the kittens are weaned from the mummy.

I also rescued another cat who had a bad case of flu at a shopping
mall that need a good home. She is a mixed Siamese with beautiful blue
eyes. I sent her to the vet and she is recovering now. She will be
spayed next week Wednesday (5/9).

I already have 10 cats at home and cannot afford to take in anymore at
the moment. Could you please help me spread the words. Thanks so






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  1. Norely Abd Rahman


    Just to update you that the mummy & 3 kittens have been adopted. Only the siamese cat still looking for a home.