Tiger misses Bobby

All evening, Tiger was mewing for Bobby. It was not his usual mewing sound. This was different and we understood.

Tiger was looking for Bobby.


 Tiger usually spent the evenings with Bobby.

 The big cats (Cow, Bunny & Tiger) always accompanied Bobby.

But this evening, Tiger could not find Bobby….

So he mewed at the grille and he would not stop until we came into the room to talk to him.

 Bobby is not here anymore, Tiger.

 Bobby has gone to a better place and he is not coming back.

 Why don’t you play with Tabs?

And one would think cats would not understand?

But somehow, they do…



 It happened twice this evening, and Tiger started playing with Tabs.

I hope Tabs will invite Tiger to play with her more so that Tiger won’t miss Bobby so much. I guess animals are very used to routine and they would need time to adjust to change, as we humans do too.

5 comments to Tiger misses Bobby

  • CW Lee

    Dear Dr Chan,
    So sorry just know about Bobby’s passing; my deepest condolence to you and family. Bobby had 16 good loving years with you and kitties (one lucky fella), very sure he’s already in a better place now – happy, peaceful and free from suffering.

  • mao

    Your very first book?? I remember Bobby is like a kinda guardian-protector-nanny to kitties. I guess Bobby is very much welcome even in the cat’s heaven

    Those we love don’t go away,
    They walk beside us every day,
    Unseen, unheard, but always near,
    Still loved, still missed and very dear.

  • Wong Yoke Mei

    I hope Tiger understands soon and do not grieve too long…..

  • azura

    I too miss Bobby so much whenever I read this blog since yesterday.

  • Hazwani

    Deepest condolence to you and your family.
    We all gonna miss u Bobby