Home-nursing for Juling, a sporo-cat (Anne Suhana Kassim’s)

Anne Suhana wrote to seek advice on how to nurse Juling, a sporo-cat who has been neglected by his owner. We are deeply touched that Anne has decided to nurse Juling herself despite not having any experience at all. We have got Anne in touch with two of our readers who had successfully home-nursed their respective sporo-cats so that they can share their experience with Anne.

Anne has already started a facebook page for Juling (http://www.facebook.com/SaveJuling) and has appealed for funds through facebook. She feels that our hard-earned funds (for charitable cases) should be used for those who are unable to raise funds on their own. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in this, Anne.

As we always say, if you have the means to raise funds on your own, let us reserve our funds for those who do not have this ability.

Since fundraising has started for Juling on facebook, we will not need to subsidise Juling’s case anymore. As a general rule, we do not subsidise cases that are publicised on facebook because sourcing donations on facebook is very effective.

We will, however, continue to help Anne in any other ways and we hope our readers will also give her moral support and encouragement to strive on courageously.

Sporotrichosis is a zoonotic fungal disease which can spread to humans: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sporotrichosis

In the past, we have subsidised 4 sporo cases: Fitri is fit and healthy now, Puteri recovered and was adopted but passed away of unknown causes months later, Silver recovered but there is no news from the rescuer while Blackey was recovering but succumbed to complications due to an unrelated surgery. We also have shared stories from two readers who have successfully home-nursed sporo-cats. We hope all this can help Anne.



Get well soon, Juling!!

Here’s Anne’s story:

Suhana binti Kassim


I have nowhere to refer to now. Juling is actually my ex-neighbour’s
cat that I fed everyday for almost 6 mths. And then I moved to other
place. Tried to pay him a visit many times but couldn’t find him.
Until, my ex housemate told me that Juling is sick. So I met my fren,
Gaya. She told me that she brought Juling to vet and Dr confirmed that
he’s infected with Sporo. Due to fight with stray dogs around the
neighbourhood. Please dont ask about the owner, she dont even bother
to bring Juling to clinic, even after one of her cat died due to fight
with dogs. I asked Juling from his owner as I hear from Gaya she no
longer interested to look after Juling and guess what? She dont even
bother to see me when I went to her house to take Juling!

I’ve made my search on the Internet about this and found out that
Sporo is some serious disease!

After my 2 days search, bought him a cage, wee wee pad, e collar and
itraconazole. Bought jeli gamat for his wounds but he seems don’t like

I cried everytime I near him. So sad to see that spoiled boy in that

Please help me.. Really dunno what to do. I always outstation,
2-3 times in a week, no one to take care of him.

You may find his pictures at www.facebook.com/SaveJuling

Thanking you in advance.

Since sporotrichosis is a serious illness, let us keep Juling in our prayers every day and wish him well. Let us also send positive wishes to Anne Suhana so that she would have the strength and tenacity to nurse Juling back to health.


12 comments to Home-nursing for Juling, a sporo-cat (Anne Suhana Kassim’s)

  • Myza Nordin

    Hi Anne,

    Very noble of you to come forward to help Juling. Sporo healing is a long process, it will take around 3-6 months. Fitri, was my ex-sporo cat rescued from the street. His condition was much worst than Juling.He was treated with Intraconazole(not the generic one, cheaper RM 12 per-strip you can get it from the Pharmacy), antibiotic, Retromed-1, multivitamins and liv-52. You might want to start him of with Vetri-DMg as well, that will boost his immune system. Fitri was boarded for 3 mths at the Klinik, subsidised by Myanimalcare, SCRATCH and Petfinder. As the treatment was rather expensive RM 15 per-day, I have decided to treat him at home. After 4 months, he recovered fully except for his bloated nose – haha, his nose look like a failed face lift. Apart from that, make sure that you wear glove when treating him. If you need my advise or opinion, feel free to call me at (016) 371 7692

  • Fenton

    My opinion is that you should immediately get a tube of terbinafine cream (150g)- the brand that I have just used recently is Lamizil which cost RM27.30 per tube from Caring Pharmacy.

    The cat that we nursed was much worst than Juling. Both vets that we brought the cat had recommended to put him to sleep, and which one of them even said that the cat’s paw should be amputated because there was no way for him to recover. I also recommended that you feed Julin with TFactor to boast his immune system but it you are tight, just go for the terbinafine cream. Apply the cream to all his wounds and see if the wound get any better. By the way, don’t miss the medicine (normally sporonox) you get from the vet.

    In our case, the cat’s sporo wounds started to dry out in within two days and it took him slightly more than a month to recover. His paw (the most serious one) took the longer time to heal and it was the last place where those sporo gave up the fight. I wasn’t much sure, but gamat oil could be a help too. We tried applying gamat oil to one of those minor sporo wounds on the cat and it seems that it was too drying up. But yet we opted for Lamizil.

    The cat used to weigh 8kg, shrank down to 4kg and at the time we sent him back to his owner, his weight has gone up to 6.23 kg.

    • Hanim

      Hi Its me Hanim .. I suspect one of my young cat are infected with sporo .. Putik age 6 months been having it since 3 months old and the wound gets bigger now. Treatment from local vet does not seems to help. by the way I am in Johor (Kota Tinggi). For now he is active and eating well but I fear for the worst to come. After reading your post , I am happy that there is a treatment for my kitty. Can you recomend nearest Vet to my area that can treat this diease?

      • chankahyein

        Hi Hanim,
        I’m not familiar with vets in Kota Tinggi. Let’s hope other readers can help you. All the best!

    • elia

      hi fenton and anne,

      need a favor. we r trying to help cats with cut suspected as sporo not yet examine by vet. But as what to be describe a sporo, the symprom is similar.

      could you please post the picture of terbinafine cream brand lumizil that u get for your cat. we want to try for ours, hope that it can ease the pain.

  • Hi Myza and Fenton,

    Thank you for all the tips. I surely need all the help in the world in this case. Never had experience in taking care of sick cat and suddenly need to look after this poor furry kid.

    Juling and I can’t express on how thankful we are for all the help from all of you, especially Dr Chan.

  • Hi Dr Chan,
    We think we know this cat. It was taken to Gasing Hospital by one of our junior member. This cat is known as Ling Ling. And we have been informed by our junior that this cat was belong and left by her colleague’s ex-housemate. We have offered our medical subsidy, but been told on last week the previous owner came to take Ling Ling back.

    It doesn’t matter who is taking care Ling Ling as the moment. We just hope that Ling Ling will get the treatment she deserved and will be recovered from Sporo and responding well to the treatment she received.


  • Hello Scratch!

    I believe you’re talking about the same cat as we always call him LengLeng(short form of Juling). Just like in my earliest e-mail, my ex-housemate, Gayathri took him to vet, Gasing. And Juling is not my cat, his owner live 2 doors away from our house. I normally feed him and then let him out once he’s full.

    Yeah, I asked the permission from Juling’s owner to take care of him. It hurts me so bad to see him in a small cage at the backside of owner’s house with just a bowl of dry food with no water.

    I’ve made up my mind, to look after Juling by myself. Thank you for your offer but i’ll try to get other sources. There’s many other animals deserve the subsidy that Juling.

    One thing for sure, Juling is not my cat and I dont simply take him from other people without permission and not asking for any publicities. I just wanna take care of that cat. He deserves a better life.

  • Hi everyone,

    Would like to inform that Juling is 90% recover from Sporo. Almost give as after 3 months medication and no significant improvement, I was advised to consider him to put to sleep. Made up my mind to ignore the advise and started to give Juling TF ( I bought T-Factor CellLabs from pharmacy) and Sporanox (I managed to get cheaper price one in Perak). After 1 month, he’s showed a very good signs, recovering very well. Thank God!
    I’ve posted some of his current photo on http://www.facebook.com/SaveJuling.

    Thank you for everybody’s help.. Sincerely from Juling.