Neutering subsidy for 1 male cat, Puteh (Suzanna Juwita Adnan’s)

Suzanna’s mother in Klang adopted this male kitten, Puteh, sometime in March this year. We have fully sponsored RM75 for his neutering, done last week. We are not able to subsidise the vaccinations of Puteh because he is a pet.

From Suzanna:

Dear Dr. Chan,
I am applying neutering & vaccination subsidy for Puteh.
The original receipt & forms are already in your mailbox.
Puteh was found at a food stall in Klang by my mom & currently living with her ever since together with other three adopted stray cats. He has undergone the mentioned procedure above on September 4th, 2012. Attached is his latest photo. He had recovered well from the surgery.
For your info, this is the same Puteh (who had an accident) that I have inquired about previously on my email dated August 25th.
Thank you.

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