Updates from Imm’s Shelter in Perak

We highlighted Oei Phaik Imm’s plight in March last year and thanks to our readers and those who received my forwarded email, we raised a substantial amount to get Imm back on her feet. Ever since then, some donors have been supporting Imm’s work while some Ipoh friends have been going in to help out physically.

Recently, Imm applied for medical subsidy for 3 of their animals. We subsidised the bills as per our policies. Extended boarding was not covered.

There are currently 54 animals in Imm’s Shelter. Every single male animal has been neutered. They are gradually spaying the females as well.

Here is an update from Judy Chua, who is helping Imm at her shelter:

August 2012 Update

In August we received donations from 2 regular donors, 2 anonymous fund transfers, and one new donor. The latter had read about Imm’s shelter from Dr Kah Yein’s blog and responded with a donation.  TQ you so much.  We also received RM330 subsidy from Dr Kah Yein’s Animalcare fund.  When our kitty was running low in June, Dr Kah Yein suggested we apply for subsidies for our vet bills from Animalcare. In August, we applied for our 1st subsidy .. the vet bills for Girle, Kong and Tigirl totalled RM720 and we were delighted that Animalcare subsidised RM330.

On the 1st day of August, a visitor from Australia asked if we could take her to the shelter.  We took her there in the late afternoon.  She brought with her trays of  Aussie chuck bones for all the dogs.  The bones were chewed with gusto..I regretted not having my camera with me.  It was a lovely and unexpected surprise treat for all the dogs.  PB gave a donation so that we could continue giving the dogs the chuck bones treat.  They get the treat once a week.  

Our heartfelt thanks to Animalcare and all the donors.   

The cats and dogs at Imm’s shelter would like to express their appreciation to all donors for supporting them since March last year.

1.Bella, 2.Chloe, 3.Citta, 4.Curly, 5.Emma, 6.Fluff, 7.Jingle, 8.Kit-kat, 9.Kong-kong, 10.Mindy, 11.Mork, 12.Puff, 13.Robbe, 14.Shanti, 15.Snowy, 16.Snow-snow, 17.Sukhi, 18.Tiffany, 19. TImmy, 20.Tiger, 21.Ti-girl, 22.Viking, 23.Ziggy, 24.KT, 25.Obi, 26.Billy the kid, 27.Samson, 28.Tom kat send appreciative meow-meows.

Puss,Mikey,Spunky,Sunshine,Maemi and Tabitha who have passed also send their love and appreciation.

1.Baby, 2.Becky, 3.Brenda, 4.Brownie, 5.Cody, 6.Cookie, 7.Girlie, 8.Jigme, 9.Juno, 10.Lek-lek, 11.Margi,  12.Mei-mei, 13.Piper, 14.Rocky, 15.Sally, 16.Smiley, 17.Sonny, 18.Sootie, 19.Sophie, 20.Tammy, 21.Timothy, 22.Victoria, 23.Wack-wack,  24. Wendy, 25.Whoopie, 26. Windy  send appreciative woof-woofs.

Bobby,Phoebe,Lady,Fish-head,Boyzone and Bessie who have passed on too send their love and appreciation.

“Thank you all so much. We feel emotionally and physically blessed that Aunty Imm can continue to care for us because of your support.  We feel safe and secure at the shelter.  There is food, clean water and we get medical care when we are sick or when we’re hurt.  The shelter is heaven on earth for us.

Juno hurt her hind leg in August.   She was taken to the vet and had  a week of R&R (Recovery & Receation) at Aunty JC’s home.  Girlie also went to the vet to be spayed.  She’s good as gold after the op.  She’s our dancing queen!  Kong-kong and Ti-girl were feeling poorly in August.  They had a bad case of flu.  They too were treated at the vet and taken to Aunty JC’s for their R&R when they were discharged.  We heard recently that Kong-kong, Ti-girl and Mork will be coming back to the shelter soon.  Mork’s been at Aunty JC’s since late March … we hope he still remembers us.  It will be so good to see him again.  We would like to share pictures of Juno, Girlie, Kong-kong and Ti-girl ..shots taken when they were not well and their recovery.

With lots of furry love and appreciation ….from all of us at Imm’s Shelter”



Pix 1  Juno : Aunty Imm ..my leg hurts.                          Pix 2  My leg’s all ok now, but may I stay longer at JC’s Doggie R&R  pls. 

Juno was taken to the vet on 3 Aug and stayed a night at the vet’s clinic.  She was taken to my home next day.  She stayed a week till her leg was completely healed.  The vet charges was RM40.  Juno’s a lovely dog.  I feel sorry I can’t keep her for longer stays as it’s full  house … there’s my 3 dogs, my 8 cats and 7 of the shelter’s cats (Kit-kat, Fluff, Timmy, Kong, Mork, Ti-girl and Snow2) having their R&R (Recovery & Recreation).  




Pix3                                            Pix 4                                         Pix 5

Girlie : I’m off to the vet.          Are my stitches ok?                  Now I can dance !  I’m the dancing queen.

We decided to spay Girlie.  She was taken to the vet on 7 Aug, was spayed next day and was taken back to the shelter on 14 Aug.  The vet charges for the spaying. post-op treatment and boarding was RM200 of which RM120 was subsidised by Animalcare.



Pix 6.                                                                                          Pix 7

Kong-kong: how much longer do I have to be here?               Ahhhh  … fresh air and some sun at last!

Kong was taken to the vet on 23 Jly.  He was diagnosed with severe flu.  His vet charges for treatment and board till 17 Aug was RM400 of which RM150 was subsidised by Animalcare.  I took Kong home on 17 Aug for home care to reduce his medical cost.  He’s much much better these couple of days.   Kong gets his hour of sun in the garden daily.  I have to cage Kong as he can get into a fight with the other cats.  After his hour in the sun, he returns to his indoor cat villa.




Pix 8                                                           Pix 9                                              Pix 10

Ti-girl: I’ve got flu, flatulence.                   Yea!!! I feel good now.                   My apetite’s back!  Yum-yum.
I’m not eating and am very dyhydrated!

Tigirl was looking poorly and hiding in a corner of the cattery when we were at the shelter on 11Aug.  She looked very  dehydrated.  We took her to the vet and she was put on drip for two days.  She was also diagnosed with flu and flatulence.  The vet also suspected problems with her kidneys.  Her treatment and board at the vet amounted to RM120, of which RM60 was subsidised by Animalcare.  Ti-girl joined the cat R&R fratenity at my home when she was discharged on 17 Aug.  She has put back a bit of weight and should be well enough to return to the shelter next week I will miss her.  I  love watching her eat.  She takes her time in eating ..slowly, surely, meticulously.

( Financial support to help feed the cats and dogs can be banked directly into Imm’s MBB a/c no. <removed> (Oei Phaik Imm).