Another three feline visitors

Besides Mr G and the latest visitor, Bosco, we also have two regulars. They are Rosie the Calico and Ginger the ginger-cat. Both are quite well-mannered and do not make demands.

Ginger is the most well-mannered of all them as she would just sit on our pillar and enjoy the scenery.

Both are not here for the food, but just for the company.

Rosie is one of our community cats as her ear is already notched.

This is Rosie…

 She does try to come into the house every now and then, but unlike Bosco, she does not force her way in.

Rosie actually follows my husband around when he goes out to the playground to do his taiqi. According to him, she “listens” to him and is obedient. Apparently, Ginger also listens to him.

See the notch on her ear?

There is a cat-feeder in my area, Francis Tze, and before I moved here, we had sponsored the neutering of the remaining community cats that he feeds, so all the free-roaming cats here have already been CNRM-ed:

This is a photo of Rosie when she was spayed, under our sponsorship:

There is a another visitor who comes once in a while too.

 This is Snow White and she is from Mr G’s house.

There used to be two of them, but one is missing now.

 Reminds me of Baggy…






One response to “Another three feline visitors”

  1. amy kwek

    Rosie reminds me of Rosie.Both the brother Wong Wong and Rosie are adopted by the same owner in Rawang.Hope both of them are doing well.