Indy’s world

Ever since Indy fell terribly ill last year, where no vet could diagnose what was wrong with him, where I rushed him for acupuncture, camped with him in the clinic when he was on drips and his life hung by a thread, took him every day for his antibiotic injections because he could not take it orally, Indy had become very attached to me.

When Indy was first rescued from the drain four years ago, his life also hung by a thread and the vet thought he wouldn’t have made it.

Anyway, all these experiences have probably made Indy very possessive of me.

Nowadays, whenever I go out of the room, Indy would stand at the grille and called out “Ma!”.

Yes, he has learnt to say “Ma”. I guess cats can say “Ma” if they just twist their tongues a little where the classic feline “Meow” turns into a “Ma”. Strangely, Indy never meow-ed. When he was young, whenever he wanted anything, he would go “oowak”. No meows. Just oowaks. And now, it’s “Ma!”.

So, Indy would stand at the grille and “Ma” until I come in again.

Last weekend was the Cutie Pet Fair so I was away for the whole day on Saturday and Sunday. My daughter reported that Indy went on a hunger strike and refused to eat. When she fed him, he turned his body to face the wall. Then, he went away to the garden, stood in the drizzle and chewed on grass, as though saying, “I’m so neglected and nobody looks after me. I only have grass to eat…”. My daughter said it was rather comical.

And when I came back, Indy made sure I knew he wasn’t happy that I had been away….

 I’ll run away from home if you go off for long hours again.

He sat leaning on my chair…

 Or lay all day on my table, staring straight at me to make sure I wouldn’t go away again!






5 responses to “Indy’s world”

  1. Indy,
    its sure a good way to teach your Ma to not leave you alone, again!!
    ha ha ha

    p/s: is it true that there will be an event this coming weekend at ss19 park?
    my friend live there and she told me she got a flyers abt that yesterday. tq

    1. chankahyein

      Yes, we’ll be opening a booth at the SS19 carnival this Sunday. I’ve lived in SS19 for 23 years so that makes me a former “senior resident”! Do please come, if you are free.

  2. sure!!!! i will come for sure
    cant wait to meet you

  3. My Pedro does that too… he goes – Ma-Ma when he wans my attention. I truly adore it when he says that.

    Kat doesn’t meow much but she makes cute little noises as if she is talking to me 🙂

    AND what time is the carnival in SS19? If I’m able to, will DEFINITELY pop by!

    1. chankahyein

      It’s in SS19, Subang Jaya. 8.30am until 4pm, but if it’s too hot, we might close at 1pm. Else, we are all going to get “baked” again!