Maslinda Abd Talib and her community cats

Maslinda comes under our Food Fund and like any other individual rescuer, we also help her with the medical bills of her community cats. She looks after about 30 cats in her neighbourhood and has previously offered to foster some of the cats we’ve sent out appeals for.

Here are some photos of the happy cats in Maslinda’s cat community:

here are some photos taken during meal time this evening. there are another 5 community cats didnt show up but came later (last photo). just took those who are in. i am not in the earlier photos, but some reflections of me are in..:). I’m only in the last photo.
all in all, i have 4 places (in my house, my compound, neighbours compund, next street from mine n by the drain) where i feed the cats starting from 5.00pm-6.30pm (the cats dont show up at the same time).
some of the photos are taken from far away as i cant get near to them (the one labelled q believed to be thong dao, cat rescued by Sis Nui and pregnant who escaped after a day in my house)
some in these photos are still unneutered coz i’m not yet able to catch (nor touch) them. and they dont allow me to get near them.
according to my list (i have a cats’ registrar i update once a week), i’m supposed to feed 30 cats (not including the newborn kitten), in the 4 areas. but at certain meal time, especially dinner/supper time (9,30pm), some of them are not around. normally, it;s the morning meal time where all 30 will be available. i feed them 3 times (9am,5.30, 9.30pm) plus some extra kibbles that i’ll left at the feeding area.
and all have their own name, exclusive for them only. currently most of the new kittens/cats i help to foster will be called adik or baby until i can figure out the suitable name. sometimes no idealah














One response to “Maslinda Abd Talib and her community cats”

  1. hani

    Salute Maslinda!
    Really respect your good work.