More on Bosco and the outside gang

So, as expected, the aggression from Mr G did not deter Bosco from trying to wrestle the territory (of our front lawn and our house) from Mr G.

When Mr G wasn’t looking…

Bosco came INTO the house and made himself most comfortable!

 I kinda like it in here.

Well yes, it seems like you certainly do, but you are creating a massive imbalance in Bunny’s Place…

Cow and Bunny have been getting really upset with Bosco coming into the house, so they keep a sharp lookout for him. Bosco was not intimidated in the least and started coming to the sidegate at the Clubhouse only to find Cow giving him a good telling-off. Yes, it was the whole works – war-cries at high decibels which left Cow panting heavily and almost frothing at the mouth. We have one angry Cow here. And Bunny? Well, he takes it out on Tabs, Tiger and today, Indy got the brunt of his anger. Poor Indy. His fur went flying all over the place.

 Well, who wouldn’t be angry, right? Bunny and gang are “confined” in their own house while Bosco gets a free run of the garden AND the rest of the house!

 There he is again…

 To prevent further aggression in Bunny’s Place, I had to shoo Bosco out to the porch.

He treads carefully.

 Rosie is not a problem. She is well-behaved.

Bosco hides here, hoping that Mr G won’t find him. But late last night, another huge fight broke out and this morning, I did not see Bosco.

 Mr G was guarding at the pillar this morning.

 And here is Ginger. Mr G lets her share the pillar. It looks like they are good friends.

Cats! You just cannot figure them out, can you?