Mdm Hoo Yuh Ru and her dogs come under our Food Fund

As you all know, most of our funds are used for neutering and medical claims (our Medical Fund). We started with that, and it was only much later that we were able to channel some funds over to provide petfood for very needy rescuers (our Food Fund).

Unlike our medical subsidies where we help as many rescuers and caregivers as possible, we cannot help many caregivers with our Food Fund because we don’t have that much to spare!

Currently, those who come under our Food Fund are Meiji Lee, Pak Din, Maslinda, Mr Low Hong Hang, Kelly Tan & Jacinta Emmanuel.

Recently, Lai Mei Kueen wrote in to apply for petfood for rescuer Mdm Hoo Yuh Ru. We have been communicating for sometime now and I also met Mdm Hoo last Sunday and was able to understand her needs better.

I was particularly touched to hear how Mdm Hoo started her rescue work. It was when she saw this mother-dog bringing back diapers with faeces for her puppies to feed on and the puppies (who were hungry) were so happy and started eating the faeces.

In my hour-long conversation with Mdm Hoo, she told me she realises that feeding alone doesn’t solve the problem, neutering is of greater importance. However, we can only provide a RM100 subsidy, and she has to foot out quite a lot of her own money to pay the balance of the RM150 – RM180 bill for each castration/spaying. Since she has so many dogs to neuter, we empathise with her plight in this. Yet, we have so many applicants to our fund so we have to be fair to all of them. If, however, any reader feels he or she might like to help Mdm Hoo with additional funds to get more dogs neutered, you may write to us and let us know of your intentions.

Currently, Mdm Hoo is feeding about 200 dogs in various locations around Kajang on a daily basis. She tries to get as many dogs neutered as possible. She told me she understands the urgency of getting this done, yet lack of funds is her main constraint.

Mdm Hoo works at a laundrette in the daytime. She feeds the dogs early in the morning, and sometimes, late at night, after work. Her husband helps her in this and another friend, referred to as “Uncle” also helps look after some of these dogs.

Mdm Hoo comes under our Food Fund now as she is feeding so many dogs. Mei Kueen and she get the dogs neutered and medically treated for illnesses (the latest medical cases are the 2 accident dogs of whose treatment we are subsidising). They do not board the sick animals at the clinic longer than necessary as they know boarding is expensive and unnecessary. Mdm Hoo looks after these dogs in her own home upon discharge. They also try to get as many dogs adopted as possible. In fact, many of their healthy dogs have already been adopted to good homes. Mei Kueen helps Mdm Hoo with the publicity on facebook as Mdm Hoo is not internet savvy.

Here is a write-up about Mdm Hoo from Mei Kueen:

Madam Hoo Yuh Ru has been an independent rescuer for 5 years. She started feeding a few strays and the number increased over the years. She saw a case of a mother dog picking up a piece of pampers for her pups. Her pups was so happy thinking their mother had brought food back for them and started eating up the faeces on the pampers. This incident encouraged Mdm Hoo to feed more strays. Friends and certain family members criticize her for being so “stupid”. She wakes up at 4am and leaves the house by 4.30am when a lot of people are still dreaming. She fills her motorcycle with food and goes on her rounds without fail except for heavy rain.
She is worried she will get robbed as the sky is still dark but the thought of the dogs waiting for her will not stop her. She uses a motorcycle to avoid traffic jams.
She has to refill 3 times in order to feed more dogs. During her rounds, she picks up the injured and the puppies that are without their mother. She feeds them rice with chicken and meat and in the evening she feeds kibbles. She collects breads, leftover foods from cakeshops and restaurants. A pet shop sometimes will give her some kibbles that are going to expire.
All this are done with her own money with very minimal help from friends. She will send a dog or two for spaying depends on her financial means. Her burden increases as the dogs increases. She now feeds more than 200 dogs all over Kajang. She spents a huge amount of money on kibbles, rice, medical, neutering and many other minor expenses. She carries medication with her everywhere she goes when she sees any dogs with minor injuries or maggots
she will immediately apply the medication. As there are so many dogs to feed, her husband helps to feed certain areas and helps to cook at home.
Even with the subsidies from AnimalCare, she still has to pay a lot eg for each dog sent for spaying, she still has to pay about RM80/dog because the subsidy is only RM100. For medical cases, she will discharge the dogs as soon as it is possible and nurse the dogs at home so that the vet bill will not be so high. Many of the healthy dogs have been adopted out and those who are not adopt-able (sickly or not nice-looking) are taken care of by her in her house.
She is hoping to get some food subsidy and other kinds of help to ease her burden.

Mdm Hoo explained that since food is usually scarce, she rotates (out of necessity) the bread, rice, pork bits and chicken among each colony. Those who have skin problems are not given much carbohydrates (bread and rice) as it aggravates the skin condition. She finds that pork helps alleviate skin problems on the dogs. So, she rotates the food out of necessity and need.

As with all the other applicants to our Food Fund, we cannot promise long-term petfood supply as we too are constrained by our funds. But as long as we can, and as long as our terms and conditions are met, we will help as much as we can.

Our food sponsorship is provided as needed. This means that when there is a request from the applicants, we will do our best to provide. We hope the applicants will also source for their own funds and food donations and not depend solely on us.

Right now, we have made arrangements with Avant Pet to send 10 bags of 22.7kg dogfood to Mdm Hoo sometime next week or when their lorry heads down to Kajang. We wish to thank Avant Pet for their help and contribution in making this possible by providing free transportation and quality petfood at an affordable rate. This sponsorship comes from our Food Fund and Andy Lew.

Of course, as always, many thanks to our donors for making all our sponsorships and subsidies possible too.

There are so many street animals out there who need help, and there are these kind and compassionate human caregivers who make the effort and time to take care of them. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to provide a little help.

Every bit helps.

If you would like to chip in to help Mdm Hoo in more ways, please write to us. Alternatively, you could also write to Mei Kueen directly at Mdm Hoo is not internet-savvy and does not use email.






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  1. pc leong

    wld appreciate if u can sms me their mobile numbers (if any)

    1. chankahyein

      I’ll do that right now, PC. Thank you very much for responding.

  2. Wani

    KY, I like what this lady is doing and the way she is doing it.For every neutering subsidy of RM100 that your org makes, MDDB will provide RM50 and so Madam Ho needs to only top-up RM30. If she can negotiate RM150 per animal with the vet, then the whole amount is covered. Payments will be made to your org.