Petting Aggression and Play Aggression in cats

Today, a student, Jason, from my college who had previously rescued and adopted a stray kitten (now a very precious pet) stopped by my class to chat. He had something to ask about his cat, RayRay.

He says that RayRay likes to bite him, and he means, biting until it bleeds. So we got talking and I think what RayRay has may be similar to what Cow has, ie. a condition called “Petting Aggression” or “Play Aggression”.

You can read all about it here:

About Petting Aggression:

About Play Aggression:

Cow has bitten us many, many times. My husband, my daughter and I have ended up getting tetanus jabs because of it too. Mine was because I foolishly tried to interfere when Cow was about to pick a fight with Bunny. I placed my leg between them and WHAM! he bit me real hard and blood spurted out non-stop for close to an hour. I still have the scars today. My husband’s and daughter’s was due to playing with him. When he has had enough, he doesn’t know how to tell them (or rather, they can’t read his signals), so he bites. Unfortunately, he bites real hard! Recently, Cow bit my husband’s hand so badly, he needed two courses of antibiotics to make the swelling subside.

 Slowly does it…

 Hmm…he seems to like it, he even rolls over to let me do his sides.

But never push your luck with The Cow.

Time to stop.

I’m safe!

 Now, Indy, on the other hand, has a different “condition”. You can pet him anywhere except his head. Don’t touch his head. It’s taboo. He’ll get very upset and might bite.

 Cleo doesn’t like to be petted at all. She’s oh-so independent and it’s strictly “touch me not”. However, she will rub herself on our legs when she feels like it, which is often. She calls the shots, not us!

 Pet me!!!!

In fact, with Bunny, if you pet anyone else first or last or longer than you pet him, that cat is going to be his next target! And I suppose that is why Tabs gets it from Bunny. Everyone likes to pet Tabs!

Love me!