Recycling old catfood cans

Here is an idea from Chen:

Hi KY!

Here is an idea that you can blog about – what do you do with the used cans leftover from can cat food? Many of these cans are made of good aluminium. My favourite is Natural Balance cans. They never rust, light weight and just the right size of small household uses. I’m no handicraft person, so I could not be bothered to re-decorate or re-paint the cans, but for more crafty people, they’ll make great crafted objects (this I let other people to throw in their ideas, heheh). What I do is – clean cans thoroughly, soak the can for a while to soften the label and peel it off (it comes off very easily) and then knock the sharp edges flat with a heavy spanner. Ta da ready to use to whatever you want it to become. Attached is a picture of what I do with them (aside from getting them re-cycled).