Brainstorming for solutions to halt the dog-hunts

This is from one of our readers who has requested anonymity. I believe all of us who feel that street dogs in our country ought to be treated with more respect and given a chance to live on would want to do something constructively towards this end.

Shall we brainstorm on how this can be done?

Here are some thoughts from this reader (reference to Mdm Hoo’s Kajang dogs):

I remember in 2010 Noah Ark mobile vets unit made a trip to Bentong, Pahang to do a mass neutering for dogs at the sanctuary at a very reasonable rate. Maybe they can do the same thing for Madam Hoo’s 200 dogs too.

Do a neutering blitz at the same time when the dog catching spree takes place. Is it possible to get more than 200 dogs licensed?This means that the dogs need to be vaccinated too. Disaster relief fund needs to be activated and in order to fund for this. Call in the sponsors for this cause. I’m sure if people will open up their hearts if they are aware the fate of these dogs and other strays dogs all over the country.

Make a  proposal and negotiate with the council. Try reverse psychology with the council – make them ‘looks’ good as if it’s their idea. By sending them emails of which they most probably ignore might backfired, Wani has the connection with media to publicise this. I wonder what the council will do when the ‘spot light’ is on them.

Maybe some Kajang residents who have a vicinity to cater for this neutering event can help out with this. Get the animal loving community of Kajang involved.

This is heart wrenching especially dog catching is very lucrative e.g. RM45 per head.

There got to be a solution..The Ketam dogs dumpings were halted because there was too much media attention on the local council.

As far as I know, when the international spotlight was on the Ketam tragedy, the residents stopped dumping. But one year later after the excitement had died down, I visited the place and was told by the villagers that dog-dumping had resumed and it was no different from what it was before.

It looks like for something to be effective, the spotlight has to be on it all the time.

4 comments to Brainstorming for solutions to halt the dog-hunts

  • cindy


    Not mean to be funny!

    More exposure. Speak for the animals. For example the case of Mrs. Hoo. What she is doing should be in the newspaper. Especially her local newspaper. Continuously. And story about others such as Imm, Meiji etc.

    Blog is great but how many percentage of the population are bloggers? And how many read English? Because we know blogs and itnernet, we tend to assume the majority of the population are. I will give you an example. I posted the Soi-Dog article about dog-meat trade in our school blog (Taiping 1969). NOT ONE RESPONDED. NOT ONE. And this is an English FB site. But many of my old school friends do not even have a FB or email account. We have to use other venue to spread the news. To me flyers is more direct for many sections of the Malaysian populations.

    Get on TV. OR YouTube for the younger folks.

  • Amy

    Hi Dr Chan,

    Maybe you can do a segment for RA newsletters (online/offline) if i am not mistaken SJ have newsletter? or even public places like malls have newsletter? (like One U).

    youtube is very effective esp in educating the younger generation.. maybe make it like a educational video starring your cats! eg

    you can also share out photos of your cat clan in Instagram and make it into a comic.. like what you are already doing in this blog.

    i know you are already very busy.. but i do not mind helping out in spreading it online…

    cheers and take care Dr Chan..

    • chankahyein

      Thanks, Amy! I have a lot of materials that can be used. Maybe we can come up with something short, simple and effective. Like the cartoon drawings in my new book?

  • Peggy Quah

    Wah cartoon!!! I will go gah gah over it. as it is your blog is food for the soul each time I get to go in. Thank in adavance. Should be very effective I think.