Updates on Mdm Hoo and her dogs

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After I published the above post at midnight last night, by early this morning, a reader and friend, PC Leong had already responded. This was followed by Wani from MDDB, and later, Peggy Tiong, all pledging to help by topping up the balance of the neutering bills from our RM100 subsidy per dog. Mdm Hoo’s vet’s rates is between RM150 – Rm180 but I have sourced for a vet who is willing to do it at RM120 (plus free boarding until recovery).

However, transport is a problem as Mdm Hoo only has a motorbike and a Kancil. It also may not be worth the trip from Kajang to Subang as her petrol (with the added traffic jams) may already cost as much as the savings from the neutering fee. The only advantage would be the free boarding as Mdm Hoo wants the dogs to be completely recovered before returning them to the colony.

Here are the updates since this morning:

Updates on 6th October, at 11.13am:

Early this morning, my friend, PC Leong responded to this post with a pledge of 10 more packs of dogfood for next week. I have already made arrangements for the food to be delivered together with our 10 packs, so that would be 20 packs altogether! PC has also pledged to top up the balance of the neutering bills for the next few dogs that Mdm Hoo gets to neuter so that she does not have to foot the balance of the bill. PC has specially requested that Mdm Hoo gets the males neutered as well.

MDDB’s Wani has also pledged to top up with RM50 to the balance of the bill for neutering and will channel their donations through us.

We would like to thank PC Leong and MDDB’s Wani for responding so positively and constructively to help Mdm Hoo. Your generosity is most appreciated.

Meanwhile, I spoke to both Mei Kueen and Mdm Hoo this morning regarding a few issues, especially on the urgency of getting more dogs neutered so that the breeding can be controlled. Mei Kueen says the problem is they need shelter space for the dogs to recuperate after neutering, especially for the females. Boarding at the vet’s is expensive. She is requesting shelter space in Kajang. She prefers Kajang so that it is nearby and she and Mdm Hoo can look after the dogs. Mdm Hoo wants to ensure that the dogs have recovered completely before returning them to the colony. So, if anyone living in Kajang can offer their home to let the dogs recover after neutering, please write directly to Mei Kueen at penpal_5488@yahoo.com.

Mdm Hoo told me that many of the female dogs are coming on heat and her priority is to get as many as possible spayed. However, catching some of them may be a problem. She tried using sleeping pills but it did not work. Perhaps the dosage was too low. She would appreciate it very much if anyone can offer advice on how to catch these dogs.

Also, one of our readers have alerted us that there might a massive dog-catching spree in Kajang (and also other parts of the country). Apparently, it may be carried out by privatised dog-catching companies and not the local councils. If such news is true (please leave a comment in this post if you have news of this), Mdm Hoo’s 200 over dogs may be in danger of being captured and euthanised. I have discussed this with some friends and we only see two ways to deal with this problem:

1. Find shelter for Mdm Hoo’s dogs. Each life sheltered is a life saved, so let’s work together and help the dogs in this.

2. Write in to the media, speak with your MPs not to engage private dog-catching companies whose motive is to make money out of catching and killing these poor street animals. I hear there may be a dialogue with the PM on animal welfare soon? Is that happening anytime in the near future? It’s time to speak up for the animals. They need all the help they can get.

Please leave a comment in this post, if you have anything constructive to offer. Thank you!

Updates on 6th October, at 12.10pm: 

I managed to get a vet who is willing to do neutering of the dogs in batches at a more affordable rate. What is needed now is transportation for the dogs from Kajang to Subang area. What is more, the vet is willing to offer boarding for these dogs until full recovery at no extra charge. This is really heaven-sent. What we need now is transportation for the dogs. If anyone can offer transport for 5 dogs at a time from Kajang to Subang, please contact Mei Kueen directly at penpal_5488@yahoo.com. Thank you! Let’s work together in this and make it happen!

Most of the dogs under Mdm Hoo’s care will be returned to the colony (if not for this latest news of the impending massive dog-hunt in Kajang). I have suggested that all neutered dogs be ear-notched so that they can be easily identified. We are still hopeful that one day the councils will adopt neutering as a more compassionate way to control the street animal population and when that happens, these dogs will be spared from capture and more importantly as of now, at least they won’t be opened up again.

Updates on 6th October, at 5.00pm: Our reader, Peggy Tiong, has pledged to cover RM30 per neutering for 10 dogs. Thank you very much, Peggy! Mei Kueen is still trying to source for transport for the dogs from Kajang to Subang failing which it would have to be done at her regular vet at a higher price.

In short, what we need now are:

1. Transport for the dogs from Kajang to Subang, five dogs at a time.

2. Homes or shelter for as many dogs as possible in view of the massive dog-hunt soon to be carried out in Kajang.

Please help in any way, if you can. Thank you!


Every day, Mdm Hoo feeds more than 200 dogs in several locations in Kajang. We are helping her by providing dogfood now, neutering and medical subsidies for her dogs. These dogs are “community dogs’ in that they are free-roaming, but in view of the dog-catching exercise, we need a safe shelter for these dogs. We are also helping Mdm Hoo to quickly get as many as possible neutered in order to keep the rate of breeding under control.

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