We STILL like Monge!!

Well, it’s been a whole week now and it looks like my brood is still going all gaga over the new food, Monge.

I don’t give it to them every day (to keep the novelty), though.

This morning, I decided it will be Monge for breakfast and what do you know, the moment Tiger saw me holding the cans, he started mewing, which is a rare thing….

Everyone got really excited when they saw the cans.

We can’t wait! It’s Monge today…yay!!

Yes, everyone was SO excited, I had to quickly scoop out one spoonful into every bowl so that everyone could start eating first.




 But I wasn’t fast enough because before I even finished serving all 7 of them, Tiger was already licking the empty can!

 Before you know it, it’s down to 4 cans.

We need MORE!! 

 Bunny was licking every empty can and all the covers.

 More, please? 

 Me too, Ma!

 For Pole, it was non-stop. One tablespoon after another, and each time, when I came to her, the bowl was licked totally clean.

 Five cans and still counting? Can we stop at 5 cans, please?

Apparently not.

Now, this is Cleo’s pattern. She will eat a bit, then go off to the garden nonchalantly. Normally, that’s all she will eat for the session (that’s how she maintains her figure), but this time, because it’s Monge, she came back asking for more!

Six cans….enough?


 No, not enough for me!!

 Me neither!

 Me, me, me too!!

 Non-stop flow of food here.

This flavour seems to win hands-down for today.

 I’m stopping at 7 cans, folks. Don’t over indulge, please. Over-eating is not healthy.

 For those who prefer to feed their cats chicken, there is this all-chicken flavour. My brood likes it too, but the fish flavours are definitely more aromatic.

 A happy bunch.

 Cleo comes back for her third round!

Monge is the No.1 catfood in Italy. What’s even better is that it is NOT tested on animals, so it is a cruelty-free product (in the sense that there is no animal-testing involved, but the food is still meat!). There are two versions, Natural and with Jelly. In Malaysia, the Jelly food is not available.

About Monge: http://www.monge.it/?ln=en

Its cruelty-free policy: http://www.monge.it/news/newsistituzionali/crueltyfree.html






One response to “We STILL like Monge!!”

  1. Peggy Quah

    Hi Kah Yin, Oo… I know they love can food, how is their poo after that? Too many meals of can food my brood purge so I stop the can food. Had to give them when they r x well or when they rejects dry food.