Help needed urgently for abandoned kittens (Aswan Abd Hadi’s)

Updates on 8th Oct, at 7.30am: Aswan gave some milk to the kittens last night and he has written to the fosterer. Now awaiting reply. Let’s wish the kittens well.

Updates at 10.30pm: I managed to get a cat-fosterer’s contact detail and have sent it to Aswan. Aswan will contact the fosterer directly. However, if you can help, please contact Aswan directly. Aswan says the kittens’ eyes are open (which mean they could be around 2 weeks old). Please help by forwarding this link.

The original post: 

We received this message a moment ago. I have replied giving Aswan tips on fostering: If you are able to help, please contact Aswan directly on his hp below.

aswan bin abdul hadi

Message: name aswan..i just want to informed there 4 kitten in front of
my houses..i dont know to do with it..there were baby born cats.there
is 4 of them..i put them inside boxs…i gave them a milk but they
dinot drink it..i wonder if u can help them..

Im really dont know to took care of them but i feel sad to see them
like that..

I live at puncak jalil..if can u can cal me at no 0132077602..thank

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