The dogs in Thailand need help (from Soi Dog)

Here is an appeal from Soi Dog:

The Dogs Of Thailand Need

Your Help Today…

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our urgent appeal to continue helping the dogs intercepted by the Thai authorities en route to the dog meat restaurants and markets of Vietnam.

You may have seen that only last week a further 300 dogs were intercepted being transported in 4 pick up trucks, hidden in what are chicken crates, to try and disguise them from the authorities. 
Can you imagine 70 dogs stuffed into a standard small pickup truck?

Our Thai colleagues put the pressure on, and the smugglers respond. By example they are now having to use less obvious and better disguised trucks versus the larger lorries such as the one below photographed while crossing Laos to Vietnam. 

At first the Governor of Nakhon Phanom province refused to take the dogs (due to a lack of funds), which would have meant certain death from dehydration and suffocation. Thanks to intervention from the livestock department and others, the dogs were allowed to be taken to Nakhon Phanom holding center.
However ongoing funding is urgently required to continue this important work. I make no exaggeration when I say that Soi Dogs operational costs have increased by over 40% virtually overnight. Please consider making a regular monthly or one time donation today towards the urgent care of these dogs!

As I write we have Soi Dog personnel at the Khemmarat livestock center, sterilizing the latest dogs transferred from Nakhom Phanom to Khemmarat. At the weekend all the dogs, excepting a few very sick ones were sterilized at the Buriram shelter where through you support emergency relief aid is also being provided. The sick ones we are sending to Bangkok for treatment, as there is no treatment available locally.

Sea Lion the puppy from Thong Pha Phum we took to Bangkok is now receiving treatment, but in reality should never have been born into such an environment.

Several more tons of food has been delivered to all the centers thanks to the help of Soi Dogs supporters. In addition Nestle Purina Thailand have also donated food as have Hills Science in Thailand. We thank them for their generosity. However we continue to need to supply large volumes of food to keep the dogs alive.

Thong Pha Phum remains our greatest concern. Experienced vets from Europe have volunteered their services but getting permission for them to help the dogs is proving difficult.

A team is going there this week led by Khun Toon and she is a forceful lady! Our president, Dr. Suchon Jittanonta who is an experienced veterinarian has also offered to go there to speak with the management.

Soi Dog has already offered to supply additional staff and whatever is required to help these dogs. We know what is needed and could start work tomorrow. Cutting through the red tape is proving frustratingly difficult, but we will get there.

On a positive note more dogs rescued from the centers have flown out this week to homes in the US and the UK, but of course they are the lucky few and it is the majority of the dogs, those that have not been adopted that we shall continue to focus our efforts on helping.

Please take a moment to watch this short video (which contains no graphic images) and please consider donating today so that the important work of saving the lives of these dogs can continue!

Many thanks from Soi Dog and the dogs of Thailand!


John Dalley 

P.S. Your support is crucial in bringing an end to the illegal live export and inhumane treatment of Thailands dogs!

A reflection – take a look at the photo of the truck with those poor dogs being carted to a fearful and frightening end. Now, chickens, pigs, goats, cows, ducks, etc. are also carted in the same way every day, by the thousands all over the world as long as people still eat meat.

These animals have the same consciousness and sentience as we humans and they can feel as we do. Factory farming is one of the most cruel industries on our planet.

But we can all do something to reduce this misery: Eat less meat. 

4 comments to The dogs in Thailand need help (from Soi Dog)

  • Bern

    If one cannot bear the sight of dogs being transported in crates and lorries to satisfy man’s craving for meat, then why the double standards with chickens and other lives?
    I am now living in a meat loving country, and although there are plenty of options for free range meat (where the animals are not caged), i have been unable to stomach the thought of A LIFE/LIVES having to die for me to live. There are plenty of food options, of which no lives are taken, which still keeps my tummy full and enables me to run marathons.

  • CW Lee

    The only solution for humans to consume less meat is to have constant outbreak of diseases like bird flu, mad cow disease, Nipah/JE virus etc. all over the world, otherwise majority of people will not bother to give a second thought to those animals that are slaughtered for meat. Chinese (sad to say this) are the worst lot, quote : “Any four legged living being with back facing the sky are meant to be eaten” Sometimes I wish reincarnation really does exist as I feel it can instil fear in people (to some extent)if they believed they can be born an animal in their next life if consumed alot of meat now or if they enjoyed butchering helpless animals; otherwise it’s impossible to influence mankind not to eat animals.

  • Mei-Yee

    dog meat trade is hell on earth..every stage of the trade is cruel and inhumane, from how they capture the dogs(some pets), stuff into the crates for 12 hours jouney, once reach vietnam, they are forced fed rice( long tube shoved into their throats) so that they can gain more weight(sometimes they choke and die) to be sold at higher price, bludgeoned on the head and immediately dumped in hot water to be skinned. 🙁

  • I Love Beans

    All meat trades are hell on earth. It’s the same with any animal that is slaughtered for food. They forcefeed chicken and ducks with tubes down their throats. They stuff pigs, cows, goats into crates – many die of suffocation and stress. It’s the same torture.