A visit to the construction site (Susan Ann Bell’s)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/10/20/help-needed-for-dogs-at-construction-site-susan-ann-bells/

Yesterday, while I was at the clinic with Bosco, one of our volunteers paid a visit to the construction site, accompanied by Susan Bell and her friend, Margie Tan.

Below is a report from our volunteer. We have already offered our neutering subsidy for these dogs, and we will also be supplying a batch of dogfood to Susan soon from our Food Fund. If you would like to provide additional help for Susan and these dogs for their medical needs and food, please contact us at chankahyein@gmail.com. If you wish to offer other means of help, please contact Susan directly at her email address below. Please also be informed that we do not channel cash contributions to our applicants; only medical subsidies and petfood.

Meanwhile, Susan has requested for fosterers for these dogs. If you are able to help, please contact Susan directly at susmonk@gmail.com. Thank you.

From our volunteer:

I met up with Susan and her friend at the BU construction site and I managed to take the attached photos. There are more than 20 dogs inside the construction site, which is inaccessible to the public. The dogs are scattered at 3 main locations within the construction site.

Susan and her friend, Margie Tan, feed the dogs everyday without fail at around 11.30am under the hot sun.

Susan was recommended to contact you by a vet.

It is a lot of commitment to be feeding 20+ dogs at the hot construction site everyday. And the dogs ate so much because they are so hungry since they are only fed once a day.

Susan and Margie will cook and they jointly bring what they cook to the construction site to feed the dogs. The feeding takes about 45 minutes as there are 3 groups of dogs at different locations of the construction site. And they clear the newspapers that they used so that there is no litter left behind. Both ladies know the dogs individually and have names for them. A few of the dogs are quite shy and will not come out to eat until the ladies have walked off.


















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