Bukit Kiara puppy rescue – Thank You (from Ron and Carol Khoo)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/11/03/urgent-6-7-puppies-needs-help-ron-carol-khoos/

This has really been a case of “All’s well that ends well” and now, we may have someone who is willing to adopt all the 6 puppies too! Fingers crossed….

All the six rescued puppies: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/11/03/bukit-kiara-rescue-6-puppies-brought-to-safety-ron-and-carol-khoos/

Here’s a vote of thanks from Ron and Carol to everyone who has helped to make it happen:

From: Ron Carol <roncarolk@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 9:16 PM
Subject: Bukit Kiara puppies – THANK YOU!
To: “chankahyein@gmail.com” <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Hi Dr Chan

Update 8pm
finally got to shower (again) after a 2nd round of bathing, combing/picking at the puppies fur, cutting some long nails and feeding them. They are fine, sleeping & snuggling 2 to each others in separate boxes now. It’s raining again..so will only let them out to the garden later.

We Would like to send our heartiest thanks to
– You (for bloggin for help, calling Paws, Koo and for all that you do)
– PAWS for offering to take the family of dogs if needed
– Koo and Rose for responding so quickly to head to Bkt Kiara and look for them. Very brave souls, see pictorial account of rescue below……I really respect them!
– Koo for coming with me, comforting the puppies whilst I was bathing them, lending me his cage temporarily.
– Martin for also offering to help to rescue (by which time the 6 were already safely in our house being bathed)
– everyone else who has offered help or prayers in some way or other.

What’s left is
– Mommy dog (beige I think I saw) is still in Bkt Kiara club,, hiding from us . She must be missing her puppies tonight! Will see if we can find her tomorrow and if she is ok or not ok.
– Adopters for the 6 puppies. We already had 1 query for adoption already quickly (very Lucky!) and if all goes well, we pray this Nice gentleman will be taking all lucky 6 to his home! otherwise I have 2 other visitors/friends of friends lined up to visit the pups tomorrow, And hopefully someone takes a liking to them. I will keep you posted!

P/s for those who have not seen how a Rescue takes place, here is some pics that I managed to snap

best wishes from
Ron and Carol



– looking for them outside the platform

– This is the ‘entrance’ to Under the platform

– Searching by Sight. Looking for puppies/dogs/anything moving (in case there are snakes!) in the darkness.

NOTE: in some areas, you have cement pillars blocking you, rubbish all around, and Wood platform of varying heights between 1 metre to 5-6metres in some locations.
———–>this is what you can see if you are lucky…..Spot the beige puppy from afar in the sunlight!(in middle)

– Searching by sound. spotted in another location Outside the platform, due to 1 whining puppy who fell into drain and could not climb out. (2 Sibling puppies giving moral support?)…..lucky for them we found them, not D*KL

– A very good Samaritan aka Kiara ‘dog whisperer’ who helped us catch the pups


– 2 lucky pups safe and sound@our home

12noon- Back to Bukit Kiara

– Kind souls and Rose were here to Rescue the remaining 6 pups and Mommy dog!


– Searching in the darkness (look at the Rescuer bending/squatting/crawling to get inside to the inner areas where there is even more things lying around. We really must respect their dedication to Save these poor animals!)

– finding 1 last black puppy , by sound. found in drain next to D*KL cage

– Last puppy saved!

– All 4 snuggling in their carrier, looking happy? Relieved they are safe? 🙂

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