Deconstructing Max

Some updates from Lydia on Mighty Max:

Hi Kah Yein,
Just a quick update before I get all the 4paw kids sorted out at home and rush off to work.
We did a blood test for Max last Thurs as the palpable lump in Max’s abdomen has been bothering me and so I brought Max to the nearest trusted vet to us. The test results were to come back aday or two after so we happily headed off to PD with Max, Hopie and Momo in tow.
When we got back on Mon I called the clinic and was told that Max’s pack cell volume (PCV) was 12. Normally it would indicate that he needed a blood transfusion immediately and hence I called you.
Yesterday at the clinic we did another retest and thankfully we were able to get the results after a short wait and his PCV had gone up just a little teeny bit to 14. The plan was to start medicating him for tick fever, as this is one of the possibilities, deworm him as tape worms is another possibility and give him folic acid and iron tabs too. I will be taking Max back this evening for another test to monitor his condition and to see if he needs a blood transfusion.
Thanks for all who called me to offer to help with their dogs as blood donor. It was a relief how quickly these kind people came forward. Thank you to Chun Eng, Anna and Connie. Connie has decided to meet me at the clinic this evening to standby with her dog Austin in case Max needs a transfusion as it would be quite complicated to get to us at theclinic with the current traffic and weather conditions at that time of day.
Despite Max’s test results being quite alarming, my regular vet (whom we did not go to as he is much further away) feels that the clinical signs are very encouraging but close monitoring is still needed.
As I type this, Max is bounding around the house trying to persude my cats to play with him. From observation he has been doing so well and to us, he looks like he’s continuously improving in all ways. It has been nagging at me that he does not seem as active as most puppies are but maybe that is the process that we are going through now of deconstructing Max and once we have dealt with the unfolding issues we can truly move on.
Again despite his test results, Max just blossomed in the weekend we were away with him. There were many dogs there including ours and children to play and fuss over. Max is good at making friends and there was a rescue puppy called KT who was just recently brought in from thailand that my friends were looking after. KT and Max became really good playmates and spent most of their time together. Max was such a star with everyone and especially the kids there who were such good company for him.
Things are looking encouraging for Max. I have to run now, 4paws are waiting a little impatienty at their food stations 🙂

Waiting for test results.

Patiently waiting…

 Fast asleep after visit to vet’s.

In Port Dickson, over the weekend…

 My new friend.

 My other new friend.

 My No.3 new friend.

 My No.4 new friend.

 The pack at dawn, led by Mighty Max!

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