“Fighting to the death”

A few days ago, I witnessed a terrible, terrible fight between Cow and Bunny. Yes, it was so terrible, the earth trembled.

We were about to go out, so I casually and gently nudged Cow to go out to the pantry so that I could close the door of the room. He was reluctant to move, so I nudged him until he moved.

I guess he was fed-up, so the moment he got to the door, he lunged at poor unsuspecting Bunny Bun Buns who was minding his own business, and attacked Bunny most viciously.

Fur flew all over the air and instinctively, I took the nearby plastic waste paper basket and tried to stop them with it (silly move, of course – use water, the vet said). The two were locked tight and both were trying to bite each other to the death. And you know how Cow and Bunny are both “armoured tanks”, right?

Within seconds, I got hold of the water hose and sprayed. There was no other way at that time. The water made them stop immediately. Instant effect.

Poor Bunny was so shocked (I would be too, if I were in his place), he was trembling. Of course we carried him in and checked him for wounds, and comforted him. We ignored the bully as he was inflamed at that time. No point in approaching him…yet.

Thank goodness, there were no puncture wounds (or it would be another round of lancing and sedation – please, no). There were just some minor scratches. Povidone iodine to the rescue. It was only much later that we checked the Mad Cow and he too had no puncture wounds.

As we were going out, we thought it safer to cage Bunny to safeguard him from another round of attack. Anyway, it was impossible to catch Cow at that time. Our lives were at stake.

That evening:

Poor Bunny slept for many hours…

Sister, Pole, accompanied him.

 The (Mad) Cow decided to punish himself that night and slept outside in the pantry…to everyone’s relief.

Yes, Cow is the misunderstood cat – a total pussycat at times, and a vicious “killer” at other times. Maybe he a double personality or something?

The funny thing is, while the “fight to the death” was happening, none of the cats seemed concerned. It was like “Oh well, it’s just one of those things, you know”. Only Pole was a bit concerned, that’s all.

And life goes on…

3 comments to “Fighting to the death”

  • Joy E. Saga

    Tsk tsk tsk …
    maybe he doesn’t like Nat King Cole … see if he likes the Carpenters 🙂

    I think Cow is wondering why he is singularly picked to be shooed out from the room. So dissatisfied, he takes it out on Bunny. Thank goodness Bunny and not Tabs! Or the smaller ones! Imagine if he did it to Tiger!

    Will talk to Cow when I visit and tell him that it’s wrong to behave as such. Hope all is well now in Bunny’s place.

  • era

    Cian kat bunny bun bun~~~

  • Connie

    Bad Cow! Naughty Cow! Poor Bunny!