Kiara puppies now at PAWS (Ron and Carol Khoo’s)


Updates from Carol:

Hi Dr Chan
The puppies are now in PAWS good hands since we are busy/travelling. We are happy they will be taken care of, Vaccinated, Spayed/Neutered when they are of age, and then when ready, put up for adoption.
At PAWS, there are so many other Ready-to-adopt Older puppies, Nice and friendly adult dogs (saw a nice brown Big Dane “Scooby Doo” look-a-like !… PAWS already for Adoption. Wish and pray they get good homes, and more people will Visit them, fall in love and give them a chance….
Meantime, here are some last moments/parting pictures of the cuties…..
Thank you again to Koo for loaning his bigger cage, and for everyone who helped!
Good night

Sleeping in their bigger cage.

BOX 1: (top to bottom – Charcoal, BlackStar, and PolkaDottie)

 BOX 2: (Left to Right) – Shepherd, Naughty, and Whitepaw


If you would like to adopt these puppies, please call PAWS to enquire (03-78461087).

Thank you.

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