Medical subsidy for mother-dog (with distemper) and puppy (Loh Foong Yee’s)

We have subsidised RM84.50 for the mother-dog’s treatment and RM30 for the puppy’s mange treatment and vaccination.

About the mother-dog:

From: foongyee loh <>
Date: Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Subject: RE: Request Subsidy For Medical Treatment

DEar Dr Chan,I have a bad news to tell u here. I brought the mother-dog to vet yesterday after i noticed that she is very depressed and doesn’t want to eat and drink for a couple days.

And don’t even want to come to us every time when we called her. I was told by doctor that the mother-dog been infected from distemper. So sad.
Injection given and now we have to feed her medicine for 3 weeks. Hope she will recover very soon.
About the puppy:
Dear Dr Chan,

This little pup is a friend of the mother-dog in my earlier email.
I brought her for vaccination and mange injection yesterday as well. I’ve deworm her two weeks once since last month.
I wish to apply for subsidy of vaccination and medical treatment for this poor little stray pup.
Is the mange injection is included in medical treatment subsidy as well??
Thanks a lots.
Updates on both:
Dear Dr Chan,Sure we will feed her medicine everyday. I also hope she will recover from distemper asap.

Heart is so painful when seeing her suffering from the disease everyday.
But i think she is getting better now, at least she is able to eat and drink.

Ok. I will post the receipt and form by tomorrow then.

Thanks alots.


Mother-dog asking for food.

Mother-dog is able to drink.

Puppy is enjoying her treat.

Yum, yum.

Updates from Foong Yee:

From: foongyee loh
Date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Subject: RE: 114.50 RMRe: Seeking Help For Vaccination & Medical Treatment Subsidy For Stray Puppy

Dear Dr Chan,

Received RM 114.50 with thanks.
By the way, i’ve brought both of the mother-dog and puppy to clinic once again for check up this late evening.
I was so happy when doctor told me that the mother-dog is recovering much better. She was so active and excited visiting all the staffs and doctor in the clinic.
Doctor said that she was so lucky and improving a lots. Doctor gave me additional medicine for another 7 days due to the clinic is closed for the next whole week.
For the little puppy, she was given the second mange injection for better skin condition.

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