Sandy relief: The need is incredible

This is a message from the Humane Society, USA:

An excerpt:

Many people tried to ride out the storm with their pets, but they have been doing so in flood-damaged homes with no heat and no electricity. Now, mandatory evacuations mean they must leave their homes. In many cases, they cannot take their pets. So we are here to reassure them that the animals will be safe in one of our temporary shelters.

The need is immediate and long-term. The Humane Society of the United States is now providing care for hundreds of pets at two emergency shelters, with two more shelters soon to open. We are staffing two hotlines in New York City and New Jersey and have fielded hundreds of calls from families who had to leave their pets behind — with our teams of HSUS staff members responding to these urgent calls in the field, and performing search and rescue for animals.


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