Now, SIX teenagers are going to climb Mt Kinabalu for the animals!


Now, Hillary Kon, Mabel Soo, Marco Soo and Brian Goh, will be joined by Sandra, 12 and Yi Ling, 14, as the 6 friends scale Mt Kinabalu on 28th-29th December 2012 to raise funds for AnimalCare!

We hope you will support their efforts by donating generously to our fund so that we can continue helping the animals and give the children moral support for their kind aspiration.

With Sandra and Yi Ling joining in the team, let’s give them a bit more encouragement and moral support, shall we? We have not reached our first target yet! (Updates: First target reached! Thank you, PC!)

This is literally and figuratively a case of “Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit”!

1st target: RM4095  (height of the mountain in metres) – Achieved on 8th Nov 2012!
2nd target: RM13435   (height of the mountain in feet)

Please follow with an email to after banking in your donation.

For more details:

Donations received to date: RM3400
Donors: Cow & Clan, Mong Kwai Chee, Julia Chong, Irene Leong, Premala Narendra, Chua Choon Meng, Antara Optima Sdn Bhd, Mimi, Didi & Manja, Leonie Hong, Joy E. Saga, Wine Dogs TB & EE, Kok Khee Wee, Jurina Johan & Anak2.

Pledges to date: RM3600
Donors: PC Leong (RM3000), Anonymous (RM600).

Total: RM7000 

 Hillary, Mabel, Marco and Brian.

 Let’s cheer them on!






8 responses to “Now, SIX teenagers are going to climb Mt Kinabalu for the animals!”

  1. PC Leong

    Glad to see the young ones so passionate about helping the animals. Sandra / Yi Ling, bring home that “coloured” certificate & the animals get $500 from each of your effort ….. go go go girls!!!

    1. Hillary

      Uncle PC Leong, thank you so much for pledging 500 Per person!! We will strive our hardest in order to reach the top for the animals!!

    2. Mabel

      Thank you, Uncle Leong, for your generous contribution as well as encouragment! We are more determined to do our best for the animals!

  2. Joy E. Saga

    I did it, so can you. Get the coloured certificates and and when you are up there, all your pain, aches will disappears … Keep training! Don’t forget to train climbing up the stairs and DOWN the stairs too. For some, it’s the going down that’s difficult. All the best!

    1. Hillary

      Miss Joy, thanks for the advice! We”ll keep that in mind! Thank you so much for your support!

    2. Mabel

      Thank you, Miss Joy for your kind tips and encouragement! appreciate it a lot!

  3. Joey

    All the best people! Thank you for having the initiative to make The change!

    1. All 6 of us

      Thank you for your support!!!