Help needed to foster newborn kitten for 1 week (Claris Loke’s)

Updates at 9.28am, on 13th Nov – Rozita will foster the kitten! Thank you very much, Rozita. Bless you for your kind heart.

Updates at 11pm – Etta James’ fosterer has agreed to foster this kitten. In case Etta James (the mother-cat) cannot nurse this kitten, the fosterer has requested Pets Own Milk as standby. I have texted Claris with details. Hopefully she will respond soon and get in touch with the fosterer.

The original post:

Please liaise directly with Claris if you are able to help.

From: Claris Loke <>
Date: Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 9:05 AM
Subject: Help needed to foster stray newborn kitten for a week

Dear Dr Chan,

Yesterday I rescued a stray (eyes unopened) newborn kitten. Unfortunately, I’ll be away this Wednesday til next Tuesday. I’m wondering if you know anyone who can temporary foster this kitty for a week?
I’m staying at Mutiara Damansara.
I’ll take the kitty back after a week. I’ll foster it till adopted.

Please do contact me if you are able to help.
Thank you so much,

7 comments to Help needed to foster newborn kitten for 1 week (Claris Loke’s)

  • Rozita

    So kesian. Heartbreaking seeing newborn strays 🙁

  • Bern

    I woulda jumped at this if i was still in KL. We miss fostering and nursing these lil ones. Shall be praying that help is found soon for this little one…

  • Maneki Neko

    I offered to foster this little tyke for the week Claris is away, and she replied that she’s already found a fosterer near her home. This little kitten seems to have some guardian angels watching over him or her! 🙂

  • Rozita

    Young one is here with us. All snuggled up asleep. And yes this ones a screamer. Healthy lungs 🙂

  • Bern

    Thank you Rozita!! 🙂 Sooo happy to hear that this lil one has found a fosterer 🙂