Medical subsidy for mother-dog and puppy (Loh Foong Yee’s)


We have subsidised Rm25 for the follow-up treatment of both dog and puppy.

From: foongyee loh <>
Date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Subject: RE: 114.50 RMRe: Seeking Help For Vaccination & Medical Treatment Subsidy For Stray Puppy

Dear Dr Chan,

Received RM 114.50 with thanks.
By the way, i’ve brought both of the mother-dog and puppy to clinic once again for check up this late evening.
I was so happy when doctor told me that the mother-dog is recovering much better. She was so active and excited visiting all the staffs and doctor in the clinic.
Doctor said that she was so lucky and improving a lots. Doctor gave me additional medicine for another 7 days due to the clinic is closed for the next whole week.
For the little puppy, she was given the second mange injection for better skin condition.
Further updates:
Dear Dr Chan,

Attached here with the photos of both taken this morning.
I’ve brought the little pup to clinic this morning again. She was slightly knock down by car on late night Thursday.
I only able to bring her to clinic this morning cause clinic was closed at 6 pm yesterday where i only finish work on 6 pm.
I was told by doctor she didn’t injured on her bones and only having fever. Pain killer and fever injection was given. And also have to take fever medicine twice a day for one week.
She is really lucky cause she still can survive after knock down by car twice.
By the way, I’ve post the previous bill for claims this morning too.
Thanks alots.

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