The Kinabalu-6 (minus 2) go hiking!

Here’s what the Kinabalu-4 did yesterday – they went hiking!

From Hillary Kon:

Some days you just don’t feel like getting out of your bed. Today was one of those days for me. Nevertheless, since the four of us had already made plans to go together, I managed to drag myself out of bed. Peer pressure can do wonders to your motivation, hahaha. Mabel and I have always had a lack of stamina and since she just finished her major exams, she was considerably weaker than the rest of us. I on the other hand, was having one of those days of wobbly knees (excuses). But it was an accomplishment (small one though) that we climbed the more challenging routes of Gasing Hill – the suspension bridge route! We had Brian’s mother to accompany us so it was decided that we would take a new route today!

This is the four of us, Unfortunately, the two young girls couldn’t make it.

Starting the route with steps was a little put-offing and by the time we reached the top of the steps, Mabel and I were already puffing.

 For once we were faster than the guys, but that’s just because they decided to try another route and turned back to continue the usual route. Sigh.

This is the La Tok Gong route, which is pretty challenging too due to the fact that it’s steep and continuous but its incomparable with the route we challenged today.

For a month, I have evaded going through that route, begging my dad every single time while giving empty promises to do it next time. So today, because of peer pressure again, I did challenge the suspension bridge route! Also, Mabel has been having exams and hasn’t gone for training for a while. Yay for the both of us!

 I like walking on the suspension bridge, it’s fun!

 And this is the slope after the suspension bridge. This was taken when I was coming down the slope and an uphill steep slope awaits us!

This is a different uphill slope which is pretty steep as well. Come to think of it, mental strength plays a very strong role in anything you do. During this hike I kept on telling myself this is nothing compared to Mount Kinabalu. Also, I tried not to look up estimating how long I’ll take for I find that every time I do that, I seem to struggle. So, today, I kept my head down and slowly went up step by step. Well, it worked! I reached the peak faster than I expected. Mabel, had a different technique which to stop at intervals to catch her breath.

 This little boy actually went through the steep hills! I was so impressed!

 This was after the hurdle! Look at that happy smile. Hahaha!

Someone left their towel on our way out. A quick wipe anybody?


Today’s hike was took us girls around an hour and a half. We came out tired although it was only an hour and a half and the climb up to the halfway house is SIX hours. This definitely calls for more training for the both of us, Hillary & Mable. Marco and Brian were waiting by the car commenting about how long we took. =.= It’s okay, we shall take their comments with stride and work harder!!

Our next aim is to finish the suspension bridge route in one hour and bring binoculars so that we’re able to see the birds and squirrels in the trees around us. We have another goal too; which is to NOT take the suspension bridge but to walk under the suspension bridge! It’s because of the steepness of the hills that the suspension bridge was built. That will be our next challenge!!

Each time we go we’ll challenge ourselves a little more and push ourselves even harder.

Lastly, I would like to thank the readers whom have pledged and donated to our cause. In addition to that, thank you so much to everyone for your encouragement.  You guys are amazing!!



Hillary, Mabel, Marco & Brian started this project of raising funds for AnimalCare by scaling Mt Kinabalu come this 28th December. They are now joined by two young teens, Yi Ling and Sandra. We hope you will donate generously to our fund to give the children moral support for their kind aspiration and to enable us to continue helping the animals.

This is literally and figuratively a case of “Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit”!

1st target: RM4095  (height of the mountain in metres) – Achieved on 8th Nov 2012!
2nd target: RM13435   (height of the mountain in feet)

Please follow with an email to after banking in your donation. Thank you.

For more details:

Donations received to date: RM4450
Donors: Cow & Clan, Mong Kwai Chee, Julia Chong, Irene Leong, Premala Narendra, Chua Choon Meng, Antara Optima Sdn Bhd, Mimi, Didi & Manja, Leonie Hong, Joy E. Saga, Wine Dogs TB & EE, Kok Khee Wee, Jurina Johan & Anak2, Mr Tan, Chong Yin Mei.

Pledges to date: RM4800
Donors: PC Leong (RM3000), Anonymous (RM600), Mr Tan (RM1200).

Total: RM9250 

Thank you!