2 metres from the Quack

More Quack news, folks.

This evening, I saw Mr Quack doing the ledge-route heading for Mr G’s house, so I quickly texted Mr G’s owner and asked her to please apprehend the Quack (the Quack goes to her house to eat). The owner called me back and asked, “Where??”. “I saw him heading to your house!”, I said, “he must be there”.

Nope, he wasn’t. Only Mr G was and for a few days now, Mr G has had an ear injury which refuses to heal.

Oh dear, could that have been due to the fight between Mr Quack and Mr G that day? I hate to point an accusatory finger without solid visual evidence, but I think it could be. Poor Mr G.

Anyway, we got talking and Mr G’s owner says she also cannot go near the Quack. He just comes and “curi-curi” makan then he goes off.

I see…okay, Plan C is down for the moment then.

No sooner had I ended the call than my son said a “white cat” was at our patio.

I rushed out, it was Mr Quack. Now, how on earth did he get to my patio so quickly?

One is instantly reminded of the Twilight Saga. What are the three characteristics of vampire beings? Super strength, super speed and what’s the third one? I forget…

Mr Quack qualifies on 2 counts already. And yes, he certainly bites.

In fact, this morning, my husband tailed the Quack. The Quack went on the drain trail, my husband on the tar-road. Both were going the same way. He tailed him all the way down the road until the next road. My goodness, the Quack’s territory is very big. Truly, I come, I quack and I conquer.

By evening, the Quack was sitting right outside my gate. Passers-by would think he was a guard-cat of sorts. I approached him and got as near as 2 metres. He didn’t move. In fact he looked at me and did I detect a hint of a slight smile?

Then, as I took one step closer, he was gone. Quick as lightning.

Now, as I sit here writing this, I do expect to hear the sound of catfight like I’ve been hearing every night. That would be the Quack fighting with another cat. Last night, we heard the most horrible sounds in the wee hours of dawn, probably around 3am. The Quack was fighting with someone.

As I now look at Tiger and Tabs playing in the room, I am so glad my cats are safe from the clutches of….THE QUACK.

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