Abandoned mother-cat and 5+2 kittens for adoption (Mayo Clinic, USJ Taipan)

I was at Mayo Clinic in USJ Taipan yesterday and someone had dumped a whole family of a mother-cat and her 5 kittens at the doorstep of the clinic.  Unfortunately, this happens too often and with each litter, the vet will endeavour to find homes for them.  According to the vet, some are pets, dumped by their owners who even leave a note for the vet asking him to take care of them.

This cat-family (dumped yesterday) also came with a note by the person who left them outside the clinic, but it did not state if they are pets. Could be a stray family that had given birth somewhere and was spotted by the person who brought them there.

It so happened that the vet had two more abandoned kittens, so he placed them with this mother, and the mother nursed them. This mother-cat appears to be a very good mother. All the kittens appear to be in a stable condition and in good health except for the tiniest, who is a ginger kitten. He is very small, but the mother is looking after him.

If you could help by adopting this family, please contact Mayo Clinic on 03-56377026. We will subsidise the neutering of the mother and all the kittens (when they are of age). The adopter would just has to write to us.

Please help forward this request. Thank you!


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