More young volunteers at Imm’s Shelter


Kerry and Pritpal brought their friends to help out at Imm’s Shelter.

Updates from Judy Chua:

Thursday 24th Jan 2013 was a public holiday. Our new young enthusiastic volunteers, Pritpal and Kerry, came to the shelter again to help. They brought along 3 of their classmates – Hui Man, Siao Li and Sook Yan, all animal lovers.  It was lovely to see 5 fresh faces, happy and ready to offer their help. All the cats and dogs were thrilled and excited to see them.

The young volunteers helped to give the kennels a good scrub, the doggie drinking bowls a  good clean, and as the day turned out bright & sunny, they gave the dogs a good bath.

To all our young volunteers, the cats and dogs thank you for your time with them, and best of all your warm affection.