Happy Fin-Free Chinese New Year!

For this year’s Chinese New Year and moving forward, we would like to encourage everyone to adopt a strong and very firm stand on not eating shark fin.

Sabah government’s ban on shark fin: http://myanimalcare.org/2011/11/15/sabah-may-be-the-first-in-asia-to-ban-shark-trade/

Here is a message from Human Society International:

Chinese New Year begins this weekend, and people around the world will celebrate. It’s a time when family, friends, and neighbors get together and wish for health, prosperity and happiness for the coming year. Symbolic red paper lanterns decorate doorways, and fireworks crackle and pop, ushering in the holiday with a joyous bang.

Sadly, among the meaningful festivities exists a cruel and outdated culinary tradition: eating shark fin soup. Every year, people catch millions of sharks, slice off their fins and throw them back into the ocean where they slowly drown. All for a bowl of soup.

HSI works and partners with organizations around the globe to curb this cruel, wasteful practice, and we’re seeing progress! Be part of this important and fast growing global movement to protect sharks. Take HSI’s No Shark Fin pledge today!

People, cities, and nations are taking action to end the cruelty by pledging not to eat or by banning altogether the sale of shark fin products.

Five U.S. states, including California, three Pacific territories and numerous municipalities in Canada have banned shark fins. And the Chinese government has announced a phase-out of shark fins from official functions within three years. The European Union is also making strides: just last year they strengthened the existing ban on shark finning in the EU.

Help keep up the momentum and take our No Shark Fin pledge in celebration of Chinese New Year!

Thank you for caring – and happy new year!


Andrew Rowan
Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

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