Indy’s little green raincoat

I just gave Indy’s his second dose of antibiotics and took a peek at the wound. From our untrained eye, it looks drier (yay!!).  Pray, pray, pray it’s just a wound and not mast cell tumour.

I managed to dab some povidone iodine on it too, and Indy didn’t make a fuss. I didn’t want to push my luck with cleansing it with Dermacyn this time. Also, I read the bottle, after 30 days of opening, the oxygen in the solution would be all gone and it’s just normal saline (that’s what the pharmacy people told me when I checked with them).

 Indy having his dinner.

 Here’s the little green raincoat.

Any cat out there wants it for fun (those who like to dress up or play in the rain)?
You’re most welcome to have it. Just write to me.

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