The dog at the workshop


PAWS has investigated this case and visited the dog and owner:

This is a case of misunderstanding and wrong conclusion by the person who highlighted this case.

I went to that workshop during lunch hour and spoke to the owner of that dog. He told me that he actually have left food with his Indian neighbor to feed his dog while he is away for CNY. Upon checking with that Indian neighbor, the neighbour confirmed that it’s true and he fed that dog every day.

That dog now is at the back of the motorcycle shop (indoor).

We thank PAWS for looking into this case. All is well now.

To all readers: If you wish to report any such cases in future, you may directly contact the various organisations that offer such services. AnimalCare does not have such services. When reporting about people and pet-owners, please only do so with substantiated evidence. Thank you.

1 comment to The dog at the workshop

  • Eileen

    It’s great that PAWS has checked on the dog. However based on the pictures, the dog seems to have given birth before. The chain around her neck also look much too big and heavy for her, and her skin appears to be in poor condition (or is it just dirty?). It would be good if the owner can be persuaded to spay the dog to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. And hope truly that the dog isn’t chained up 24 hours a day.