Abandoned puppies for adoption, help needed (Carolyn Kung Swee Yin’s)

Updates: The puppies have been taken by someone. We wish them well. Thank you, Carolyn, for taking care of them.  

Please help, if you can.

Carolyn Kung Swee Yin

S.O.S :- Puppies abandoned by Mom

Dear Ms Chan,
I noticed a litter of puppies (4 to be exact) at the back of my home
on Sunday (17/02/2013). They were all soaking wet and shivering. As
such,I did a makeshift shelter with the excess bricks behind my home.
I am unable to bring them into my compound as I already have 2 dogs.
In addition my family are not supportive of me taking care of the

However, I went to check on them yesterday and only three puppies were
left (2 black and 1 brown). The Mommy dog and the other brown puppy
was no where to be seen. Hence I gave them some baby formula milk but
I don’t think it’s sufficient.

As such I seek your kind assistance to re-home the remainder three adorable little babies. I am not sure for how long I can keep their presence discreet given that I live in a neighborhood which have minimal tolerance towards strays.