Dogs and rabbits for adoption (Asiah Chee Abdullah’s)

Updates: Johnny the brown dog and the rabbits have been adopted! Sweetie has been adopted!

From: mama chee <>
Date: Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 10:21 AM
Subject: Pets For Adoptions (4 Rabbit ; 2 Female & 1 Male Rescued Dogs )
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,
Wishing you & family a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. I would like to seek your help to publicise in MYANIMALCARE  for the following pets for adoption.
1.    For Picture P1010371.JPG – A Female Mixed Spitz  named as SWEETIE (small size ht approx.17 inches tall) was rescued at the Selayang Jaya market since October 2012.
       A vet have confirmed that she will grow taller.Age around 1 year old. FULLY VACCINATED AND SPAYED.Currently staying inside my house.A good watch dog.
2.    For Picture P1010345.JPG – A Female Mongrel named as GIRL age approx. 2 yrs rescued at the Selayang Jaya Restaurant by another lady feeder since 2nd week of Nov 2012.
       FULLY VACCINATED AND SPAYED. Currently fostering her behind my house. A good watch dog.
3.   For Picture P1010342.JPG – A Small UNNEUTERED Male Red Terrier named as JOHNNY was found at night with a small almost healed scar and mild skin problem,rescued by a
     Croation Lady at Selayang Jaya Food Court around Mid January 2013. No records was found under lost category at Petfinder and no posters showing the above mising dog in this
     area. Checks with a vet confirmed no chips embedded inside body. Currently fostering him at home. Genuine adopter will have to do the needful upon adoption.
4.   For Picture P1010351.JPG – 4 Rabbits born in July,August & September 2012 belongs to my mum who is 85 years old. She would like to rehome them to any potential rabbit lover
      as pets only and request that it should not be slaughter as meat. Genuine adopter will have to bring their cages upon viewing and thereafter collection.
For your information, I am keeping and feeding 7 strays outside my house compound and 3 dogs at home beside those offer for adoptions.
Once again, thank you very much for your help. I am contactable at 012- 273 0312 – CHEE for any further enquiries.
With warmest regards,
Asiah Chee Abdullah

4 comments to Dogs and rabbits for adoption (Asiah Chee Abdullah’s)

  • muhd hanis

    hi. I am interested to adopt that 4 rabbist. Are th rabbits still for adootion?e

    • chankahyein

      Could you pls contact (012- 273 0312) directly to enquire? Thank you.

    • lizda

      Hi Muhd Hanis,

      I was so overwhelmed to read about someone who would adopt rabbits. I have 6 adults and 2 young (1 month old) agora lionhead rabbits that I want to put up for adoption. Our whole family are an animal lover but I have to give away as we will be staying in an apartment soon. Will you be interested to have a few more to care and love them, only God will repay your kindness and good deeds.

      Thanking you in advance!