Pak Mie, a caregiver to dogs in Alor Setar, Kedah

Pak Mie’s (Mohd Azmi Ismail) community service towards stray dogs (and cats) has been highlighted by many for the past few months.

We reproduce the link to a youtube about the man, his philosopy and his work here, for the benefit of those who may not have read about him yet:

A quote from a supporter in the documentary: Although they (the stray dogs) are strays, even though they are dirty, the soul is clean.  

There is also an interview with the cleric from the Pejabat Mufti Negeri Kedah.

8 comments to Pak Mie, a caregiver to dogs in Alor Setar, Kedah

  • cindy

    Actually I find it strange that Malaysian Moslims have this problem with dogs. I have a Morocan friend here and he has a dog. And Barco is not his first dog. Even his father has one. And the only restriction he has for his dog is, Barco is not allowed to go near the place where he prays. Which is understandable.

  • Naomi

    Middle East people keep dogs as pets too.

  • Nui

    When istening on how he think about animals, I am rejoiced for what he have been done for them, this is an EXTRAORDINARY and AMAZING person!!! Hope we will see more people like Pak Mie or Pak Din on this earth.
    May they be well and happy!

  • Linda Suhaili

    Thank you for highlighting the video Dr Chan. Goes a long way in helping me attempt to change the perception of the Malay Muslims towards dogs.

  • Mei Leng

    I have come across an Iranian wanted to adopt a dog from our shelter. Initially, we were very hesitate, because he is a muslim. Later, we found out that he truly loves dog and prior to adopting our doggie, he already has a Husky at home.

  • Akmar

    The reason why most Malaysian Muslims are not very open in having a pet dog is because it is not a very common practice in the community. Plus, there are specific guidelines in handling dogs in Islam, which most Malaysian Muslims find it a bit ‘cerewet’ to adhere to. Kudos to the the person who had made the video.. I share your sentiments too, Linda Suhaili.

  • sahib

    Nowhere in the Quran does God states that dogs are forbidden to Muslims. On the contrary, there are verses allowing Muslims to eat what their hunting dogs catch for them (Surah Al Maidah: 4) or in Surah Al Kahfi (The Cave) where a group of believers seek refuge in a cave taking their dog along with them.
    In the Quran, God also repeatedly warns mankind against forbidding what God has not forbidden, stating that those who do so are wicked.
    The trouble with the majority of Muslims is they do not uphold the Quran.
    As the Prophet laments: “My Lord, my people have abandoned the Quran.” (Al Furqan:30)

  • Lim Hock Chai

    It really touch my heart after watching the clips. Personally, I just rescue a dog and now i am keeping it. I hope that i will be able to get his Pak Mei location a pay a visit to him.