Community dogs and cats CAN play together!

A sharing by Dawn Tan:

From: Dawn <>
Date: Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 11:24 AM
Subject: Updates on Gori & Katrok (prv named Stone)

Dear Dr.Chan,
I have been eagerly waiting to share with you how amazed I am that community dogs (both dogs’ spaying subsidized by myanimalcare) and a cat can stay AND PLAY together! I’m not sure how common that is, but this is the first time I’m seeing it and I’m thrilled! 😀 😀 😀
There are now 3 residents with the cabin guard house:
August (neutered cat)

1) 2013-02-28_August, Gori, Katrok.jpg – FINALLY a group photo! Katrok and Gori usually won’t sit still for a photo as they’d rather play with you. August the cat is either always on the guard’s motorbike or further up on the ledge. But yesterday evening, they decided to make my patience fruit 😀

2) 2013-02-28_Katrok & August playing.jpg – Katrok and Gori plays with August despite the later is a cat. But Katrok is very rough (not feminine at all) even when playing with humans, thus August doesn’t like to play with her!
Best regards,
Dawn Tan


2 comments to Community dogs and cats CAN play together!

  • Bern

    A most happy sight 🙂 Humans should and can learn from this…That we all can play well together, despite our differences.

  • Joy E. Saga

    I agree with Bern. Set aside our differences. Why can’t we see what is common and work together to better the world we leave in…. with the depressing state of affairs locally, I am so glad we have are furry friends to keep us sane!