The different litter boxes (and toilets) in Bunny’s Place

There are the usual litter boxes.

I’m a diehard fan of Feline Fresh Cat litter. Of all the cat litter I’ve used so far, my cats seem to like this one and I definitely do because its odour control is fantastic and this makes it very long-lasting. All the cats use these boxes, but not all the time.

Some of them prefer this one – it facilitates spraying.

How it works: Cat stands with buttocks facing (vertically propped up) litter box. Cat sprays into box. Urine flows down and collects at the bottom of box. Human cleans the box twice a day or as when necessary.

Advantage of vertically propped up litter box: (1) No need to use cat litter (saves money); (2) A favourite with the compulsive-obsessive sprayers; (3) Saves cleaning the wall; (4) Prevents urine from flowing onto floor.

  This black board is the “spraying board”.

Functions exactly like a vertically propped up litter box (like the green one), but urine does not collect at the bottom. It flows onto the floor. This spraying board serves a dual purpose – it protects the grille behind it from getting sprayed onto and rusting before its time.

And if the cats grow tired of litter boxes and spraying boards…

 …the whole back garden is theirs for whatever they wish to do.

 This corner is also a favourite toilet-place for them (furthest away from the pantry where they eat) and it also doubles up as a favourite siesta spot!

3 comments to The different litter boxes (and toilets) in Bunny’s Place

  • cindy

    This morning, out of nowhere, suddenly I was thinking would Mr.Quack becomes a ‘better’ cat with a T-Shirt like what Indy has? Perhaps it is a complex problems. With the T-shirt, Mr. Quack might feels more secure and relax 🙂 ?


    • chankahyein

      Mr Quack seems to be okay now, according to the adopter. I’ll let her know of this possibility. Thanks.

  • Bern

    I loved Feline Fresh too, and of cos the furkids loved it too. Alas i can’t get it here, but found a comparable substitute which is also flushable and environmentally friendly. Cheers to good litter sands! 🙂