Please be careful: All caregivers of black cats

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I received a call from an unknown number. It was a man with a very loud voice and he sounded very desperate. He spoke in Cantonese and it sounded like he was asking if we had cats for adoption. I said no and cut him off as I did not have a good feeling about it.

Just now (just minutes ago), he called me again. He started off in Cantonese but switched to English when I kept asking him to repeat himself.

He said he was looking to adopt a cat and asked if I had any. I said I did not have but he could try the local shelters like PAWS. He did not know what PAWS is and started sounding very desperate. I grew suspicious and asked how many cats he was looking at adopting. He then said “Only one. But it must be all black. Entirely black.”

I asked him why and he said, “For luck. I need it for luck.”

I told him off immediately that you DO NOT adopt any animal for luck. You adopt because you wish to care for the animal. But whatever I said fell on deaf ears. He went on and on about him needing to get a jet-black cat. I hung up.

His desperation frightened me.

I’ve already alerted PAWS about him (luckily PAWS is closed today, so there is time to alert them).

If you are rehoming any black cats, please be alerted about this man.

I have my suspicions about him.

For those who may not know, black cats are used in black magic. Please be very, very careful when you rehome your black cats. His number came from a 016- line.

A vet had previously told me that he would never give up any black cat for adoption unless he is very sure of the adopters’ intentions.  He also knows that people use black cats for black magic. Another vet told me that there was once a suspicious couple who came to his clinic asking for the blood of black cats.

Updates at 10.16pm: I have managed to inform PAWS to be on the lookout for this person. And here’s the reply from PAWS’ manager:

It’s for black magic. Jet black cats and dogs are used for that purpose. From time to time, we have people who will come to look for such colour animals in Paws. I normally say no or it’s not ready even if we have one.






17 responses to “Please be careful: All caregivers of black cats”

  1. Yen Ling

    same goes for black dogs.

  2. Joy E. Saga

    Creepy! I am glad he called you as you are then able to tell all of us! Will alert people on my Facebook!


  3. Wong Yoke Mei

    These people really need to get a grip of themselves. One of my TNRM cat (black) went missing 2 months ago. Couldn’t find the body anywhere around the neighbourhood. I really hope this kinda of thing did not happen to her. Sigh.

  4. Will alert the public!

  5. I-Lynn

    Hey, I saw a black cat roaming around my office area just now. Hopefully this guy doesn’t get to the cat.

    I’m also looking for a cat to adopt at the moment. Any idea where I can go? I plan to drop by PAWS this week and Furry Farm too scout around. Not looking for any particular color just need 1 to keep my company. I used to have 1 cat but she jumped out from my balcony and someone kidnap her. Sigh 🙁

    1. chankahyein

      Hi I-Lynn, any of the shelters or rehoming portals like or ours:

      1. I-Lynn

        Thanks Dr Chan. I will go through the link you gave me and also visit the shelters this week.

        1. chankahyein

          Hope you find your pet soon. Just a friendly word: Balconies can be very dangerous as cats are naturally curious. Some pet-cats have been known to fall off balconies, sometimes fatally too. You may want to wire-mesh your balcony for the safety of your pet-cat.

          1. I-Lynn

            Thanks. Noted but just a query, if I wire-mesh the balcony and in the event the cat climbs up, will it hurt them? Anyway, I got in touch with one of the posts in the link provided earlier but I do hope the kitten is still available as the posting was some time back.

          2. chankahyein

            Climbing is natural to any cat. The climb itself won’t hurt them unless their claws get entangled with the wire mesh and they get stuck. Please google for ideas on how to cat-proof your balcony. There are lots of helpful ideas on the internet. For eg, I had a grille with vertical bars made – my cats cannot climb it, but they can see through it to view the outside.

  6. cujen

    omg! i have a black cat like he want..

  7. asca

    Hi I-Lynn,
    there’s a stray just gave birth to 2 kittens few weeks ago beside my looking for adopter to adopt the kittens. both the kittens need to be adopt asap coz im afraid the tenants here would throw them away. besides that there are few shops doing renovation esp beside my shop now renovating to open a japanese restaurant.if yr interested pls do drop me an email at

  8. mimi

    i’m also have 4 black cat at home but 2 of them are missing 🙁
    i’m really afraid if someone took them to use as black magic 🙁

    1. chankahyein

      Hi Mimi, Have you looked for them? It may not be what you fear. Maybe someone adopted them.

  9. cindy

    Sick world — during the month of Helloween, keep your black cats in (in the western world anyway).

    I am more incline to take in black cats because of this sick reason. One point in time I had 6.

  10. Midnite

    Black magic as in western Wicca stuff? What did the chinese will do to it? I only heard of the stupid story of using black dog’s blood, but black cat?

  11. im a black cat myself but im an indoor cat. I hope all black cat out there are safe n sound

    BoBo Salem
    The Meow Meow Family