Suffering is…

…when there is an electrical power outage (failure), which was what happened from around 11am today until a few minutes ago.

That’s when we comfort ourselves by saying that a water cut would be much worse…wouldn’t it? (You can’t flush the toilet, yucks!)

At least we’ve still got water, right? We can always fan ourselves by using a cardboard.

And yes, the internet’s out, because the router is out. The fan is out and the lights are out (luckily it’s still daytime).

But with modernisation and a great dependence on electrical gadgets, so is our water dispenser/filter (which works on electricity), and you can’t even boil water because (again, too much dependence on electrical gadgets), the induction cooker is out. Then, even the water supply is affected because it depends on the water pump which is electrical (for very old houses like ours).


So you can only turn on your data plan and receive emails through your phone, but can only send out short replies because you are trying to conserve your phone battery. And heaven knows when the electricity would come back, so conserve you must.

And in the meantime, what do you do to while away the time (and take your mind off the sweltering heat)?

 You occupy yourself with a good old-fashioned game of Connect Four?

It’s a good old-fashioned way of challenging the mind instead of staring at the laptop or the tv, both of which do not work because of the power outage. My son has been the reigning champion since he was 4 years old, so for us, it’s all about how many steps we get to move before he wins!

Soon, we heard a loud thud.

Oh no…is it Indy??

Yes, it is…!!

He has pushed the pail down.

No, Indy, no!!

I’m NOT going to see how he does it. Not in this sweltering heat. Obviously, he had figured out a way to do it without using his nails (I don’t know how, but I don’t intend to find out – won’t be good to have a heart attack when there is no electricity and the auto-gate won’t work or the keys fail). No, sirree.

Down, Indy, down!!

 I replaced the pail.

I can’t dismantle the shelf as I’m not sure how to do it without destroying the entire shelf. And this shelf is Cleo and Tiger’s favourite hang-out point. The polycarbonate is coming soon (I hope).

Got Indy back into the room. But he is undeterred. He wants to do it again.

 We play Othello.

Indy makes a ruckus by whining non-stop. It’s like he is “high” on something – he must get out.

Then, we heard another thud.

This time, it’s Bunny.

 Bunny insists on sitting on the shelf, but he also looks up.

It could only mean two things: (1) He wants to be there to stop Indy from attempting to escape or (2) He wants to try to jump. Either way, it’s a “no”, so I got Bunny down.

But wait…where is Pole???

Oh no…Pole is missing!!!

A massive search is conducted…

 Phew!! Pole is here…

It soon gets really hot and humid…the mind doesn’t work anymore now, so Connect Four and Othello are out.

 We’ll just make music then. At least the piano still works.

Indy continues to whine. It’s like he is undergoing a “withdrawal syndrome” of sorts.

Oh no, we hear another thud!!

 Down, Cow, down!!

Yes, that shelf just got to go.

 Ginger comes in…it must be so hot outside.

 Timmy comes in too.

(My son says Timmy looks like a little calf. He does, doesn’t he?)

By 4.08pm, we hear loud cheers from the neighbours!! Yay…the power is back!!!

 And all is well…for now.

The masked hero is asleep.






2 responses to “Suffering is…”

  1. Joey

    rotflol…. your kitties were providing “entertainment” during power outage :p uh…. wont say entertainment for who though :p

  2. cindy

    I don’t (refused) have a mobile phone. One day the electricity in the house gone (the main fuse tripped) and I wanted to make a call to the electrician (new house, not sure how everything works).. then I found out, my fancy phone with answering machine was dead … it uses electricity. The next day I found a good-old-reliable-70s-phone at the 2nd hand charity shop where I volunteer. Stand-by!

    Yes. I am trying very hard to cut down my dependency on electricity, and most of all internet. I want my life back.