Dogfood for Mr Low’s North Port dogs

We have fully sponsored 1o packs of dogfood for Mr Low Hong Hang’s North Port dogs. We are also especially happy to note that 12 dogs have been neutered now (one of them surrendered to PAWS for adoption as this dog is a loner and is without any family on that barren piece of land).

These 10 packs of food is sponsored from our Food Fund, Andy Lew, Kok Khee Wee, Tupui, Nunui & Tigirl and the Ti-Ratana Community Centre Penchala.


Mr Low Hong Hang is a site supervisor in North Port and he has been looking after these abandoned dogs for many years now. He used to feed them bread, but we now provide dogfood for him. We also encouraged Mr Low to get these dogs neutered, and we are happy that 12 of them have now been neutered under our sponsorship. Mr Low will continue to bring in as many dogs as he can to be neutered.

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