Kelly & Jacinta need urgent hands-on help at their dog shelter in Tanjong Rambutan

This is an urgent appeal for helpers to go into Kelly & Jacinta’s dog shelter in Tanjong Rambutan to help bathe the dogs and clean up the  place. If you are able to help, please email Please help forward this link to your friends and contacts in Ipoh. Thank you.

A text message from Jacinta:

Good Evening Dr Chan.We might have to delay catching strays at the dumpsite, because I am down with a terrible backache and Kelly’s  standing in for me at our shelter, but she is exhausted too. We are having difficulty convincing our 2 workers to help us an extra 1 or 2 days, since I can’t go in. Is it possible Dr Chan to highlight our problem in your blog, because we really need help bathing our doggies, cleaning the compartments and doing minor repairs.

Tq in advance

Some photos from last time:









4 responses to “Kelly & Jacinta need urgent hands-on help at their dog shelter in Tanjong Rambutan”

  1. Kerry

    Hi Dr Chan, I’ve contacted Kelly. =)

    1. chankahyein

      Great! Thank you for helping.

  2. Lam

    my grandmom’s dog had born 7 doggies, but my grandmom unable to feed them can i send them there?

  3. Joy E. Saga

    Lam, i think you may want to try rehome, as Kelly and Jacinta has already so many dogs to care for. I don’t know what their surrender fee is but for Ipoh SPCA (depending on space availability) is RM300 surrender fee per dog (last i checked).

    Shelter is not the solution. What I would advise is to get your grandmom dog SPAYED first to prevent future pregnancies. You can contact Ipoh SPCA as they are currently running a TNRM programme for a very discounted rate. As for the puppies, they need homes, not shelter. Please do not send there and please do not throw them to a market either. You can join adoption drives. Find out from the facebook pages of the NGOs there. They do run adoption drive periodically. Facebook is also a good avenue to publish for adoption.

    All the best!