Go veggie once a week!

How about a veggie Saturday today?

By doing so, each one of us will…

Save a few of the over 10 billion animals slaughtered for food – This is how many land animals are killed each year in the US alone. The majority of these animals have no laws to protect them from abuse and cruelty. They spend their entire lives suffering in inhumane conditions and mistreatment.

And collectively, we will save many, many more.

Source: http://wannaveg.com/

How many animals does a vegetarian save: http://www.countinganimals.com/how-many-animals-does-a-vegetarian-save/

In a nutshell, a vegetarian saves 406 animals per year or at least one animal per day.

So, if you do not have the time or skills to save animals by rescuing them, do it another way – by NOT eating them!


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