Two dogs looking for homes (Lucy Yee Fuei Ching’s)

If you are interested in adopting these dogs, Mishik and Ruby, please contact Lucy Yee directly. Thank you.

From: lucy yee <>
Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 9:11 PM
Subject: Fwd: Mishik

Dear Dr Chan Kah Yein,
I have been given a big responsibility to re-home 3 of my friend’s dogs because  my friend has fallen ill since February and has not been well since. He lives on the same road as me. He has gone back to his hometown. Because of health problem, he realises he no longer can take care of the dogs and have asked me to find homes for them. I have been taking care of them since February. I know these dogs well because I have seen them grow up and have helped regularly to take care of them when my friend goes away for holidays (very regularly).
I have put the dogs’ profile in PetFinder. So far only one dog has been adopted. I am still looking for good homes for the other 2, Mishik and Ruby.
I have exhausted all contacts and met a friend who mentioned your name and asked me to check out your website and get in touch with you.
This is a picture of Mishik (russian for ‘little bear’). He is a beagle-cross, aged 2+. very friendly, curious and hyper-active, full of energy. Born on 4th July.He can climb over gates and fences so it is difficult to keep him in unless there is a full-proof enclosure which we helped build for him. He loves to catch rats, adores company. needs space to run. I have taken him to be neutered. 

I think he will be ideal in a farm or orchard, or house with big compound. i hope you can help. I don’t want to put him in SPCA. Also because of his colour, some people are superstitious and don’t want to consider him as a pet.

This is Ruby, 8 year old beagle. I just had her spayed. She has a very good temperament, doesn’t bark too much, friendly and loves human company. She has dry eyes problem and needs to put eye-drops for life. Loves her daily walks.  

my details:
Lucy Yee
Location: Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur
H/P: 012-3303529