Medical and rescue help needed for stray dogs in Selayang (Vedrana Lukacevic’s)

Updates on 12th May at 12noon: A friend phoned Vedrana to offer help to catch the dogs, but Vedrana could not be reached. “Mei Han” also has not contacted us for the medical subsidy.

The original post:

We received two facebook messages and also an email from Vedrana Lukacevic about these Selayang stray dogs needing medical attention. We have offered our medical subsidy. If you know anything about these dogs, do please drop a comment in this post.

We are now waiting for Vedrana’s friend to contact us so that we can discuss further on what assistance is required. Our medical subsidy is open to these dogs for their treatment.

If you would like to help Vedrana with the rescue work, please contact her directly at her email or hp below. We have not disclosed the location for the purpose of protecting these dogs.

From: Vedrana Lukacevic <>
Date: Sat, May 11, 2013 at 5:12 PM
Subject: Help for the stray dogs – urgent!

Hi, Dr. Chan!

I have contacted you through Facebook about the strays in Selayang Jaya. They hang around one of the food courts in Selayang. I am feeding these dogs and other strays for more than a year now. Since my house is so close to the food court I became a good friend of 4 dogs in particular (the 4th one is a mama dog we were trying to catch for weeks; she has delivered 9 puppies (6 survived) 3 weeks ago, unable to catch her we took the puppies and put them for adoption. Mama dog is a bit aggressive – people chase her and beat her a lot, like all the dogs in Selayang area :-(…, so she’s not very friendly, from a week ago I lost track of her. My 3 friends from the food court are still here, but now injured more than ever. I was treating their wounds always with medicines bought in the pharmacy, but this is something I can’t treat – the other day they were severely beaten and one doggie has a broken leg, the other one has 2 front paws injured, all swollen and he screams in pain. I have no transport of my own, maybe I can arrange something, like I mentioned my situation is complicated, I don’t have money to pay the medical bill, my close friend and rescuer from Kajang will help with medical fees and she will apply on my behalf because I don’t have any bank account. She told me she will email you, her name is Mei Han.
Attached are the pics of my stray dogs.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

Every day, they abuse one or more dogs.

 Mama dog.

Saved pups.

 Scarface eating chicken I bought.

 Scarface, injured eye, locked in food court.

 Scary, broken back leg.

Scary, with previous wound (treated).


 Whitey, injured paws.

 Whitey, locked in the food court.



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