Ongsan’s updates (Maslinda Abd Talib’s)


Here are updates and photos from Maslinda:

From: Maslinda AT
Date: Tue, May 14, 2013 at 1:23 AM
Subject: Ongsan Updates
To: Chan Kah Yein <>


sorry for late email
yesterday we went to the 3rd clinic in Wangsa Maju. The vet is a very good and assuring vet.
She saw the blood report done on Friday. Even some of the reading is high and alarming, but she said it’s not to be worried. as ongsan has good appetite, eating on his own, it’s a good sign that Ongsan wants to live longer and thus he need to be helped in order to get well.
Ongsan is little bit dehydrated so he’s given subcut fluid. i’ll continue doing subcut on  my own or might be going to nearby vet to do it. I have to monitor his jaundice level, but from my observation, i can see that Ongsan is not as jaundice today as on Thursday, the first day i met him and took him over from the feeder. i also think that he’s not as bloated as before too.
I’ll monitor on his jaundice level and to keep him hydrated. as for now, he has very good appetite and today alone, he actually finish up a whole can of A/D in one day. 🙂
We will meet the vet again next monday for progress checking.
Let’s pray for Ongsan’s and other cats well being.
Ongsan and I personally would like to thank (the reader) for recommending this vet and also for sponsoring today’s check up and contributing wet food, supplement, medication and many other items for Ongsan 🙂


We’re all rooting for you, Ongsan!

Get well soon!!

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