Young volunteers at Imm’s Shelter in Perak (from Judy Chua)

It is always lovely hearing about all the young volunteers who eagerly help out at Imm’s Shelter in Perak.

From Judy Chua:

From: Judy Chua
Date: Wed, May 22, 2013 at 3:13 PM
Subject: Imm’s shelter – April 2013 Young volunteers & visitors

Kerry & Pritpal our sixth form volunteers have been raising awareness of volunteerism at the shelter with their former and existing school mates. In April, our furry friends got to meet Weng Loon, also Kah Mun and her sister Kah Yee. Kerry, Pritpal, Hui Man continue to come to the shelter on Sundays when there are no school activities or upcoming exams.

Maryann & Firdaus, brother and sister, studying at the International School, also visited the shelter during their school break. Maryann had contacted Kerry when she saw Imm’s shelter on  facebook.  When Firdaus saw Sophie, he called out “Chewbacca”.   I couldn’t help chuckling .. Yes, Sophie does rather look like Chewbacca from Star Wars!.
Below, pix of our young volunteers: