The dogs in Tanjung Malim


We have since sent out emails to as many contacts closer to Tanjung Malim as we can, to enlist help of friends to feed the five dogs. We do not know if the dogs had been abandoned or perhaps, the owner had just left for a holiday and no one is feeding the dogs. That being the case, the only thing we can ask for (for the sake of the dogs) is to get people to go feed them so that they will not starve.

We have also contacted two organisations, FFF and KL Pooch Rescue, to enlist their help and to do what they feel is appropriate for this situation.

We hope you have also alerted your friends who stay in Tanjung Malim or the nearby towns.

If anyone is travelling along that way tomorrow, perhaps you could drop by and see if the owners have returned.

Our concern is for the wellbeing of the dogs and no malice is intended to the owners or any other party involved. This alert is posted upon the observation of our reader that the dogs were very hungry and were starving. For more details, please contact our reader, Wazura Saruni, at

Thank you.