Lester and mum feed the abandoned dogs at the industrial sites

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/06/08/visiting-lester-hiews-community-dogs-and-providing-dogfood-for-them/

Two days ago, we sent 4 packs of dogfood to Lester and his mum. This food is meant for the abandoned dogs in the 3 industrial sites that Lester and his mum feed every weekend. They cannot go more often than this as these sites are located 40 minutes away from where they live.



Lester preparing food

 Preparing the food yesterday afternoon.

Lester wrote to say that the dogs were very happy to eat the food. Lester and his mum only get to feed them once a week. They are all abandoned dogs; many are pregnant and most of their puppies die in these industrial sites as there is no one to feed them. The adult dogs are usually also in very poor health condition and many of them die.

Every week, Lester sees new dogs being abandoned and the older dogs would be gone.

It’s the circle of life, but a very sad and deprived one.

Feeding these dogs is a weekly affair for Lester and his mum, Jenny. It definitely takes a compassionate and very stoic heart to do this, week after week, without giving up. Kudos to Lester and Jenny for their unrelenting efforts and kindness.

We can only support them by providing dogfood. We hope it helps.

Lester sent me more than a hundred photos last night, but I think these 36 photos below will tell the story. We pledge to continue supplying dogfood for these dogs. That’s the least we can do to help them – every living being needs food. They don’t get to live very long, but at least they will have a decent meal even if it is only once a week.

Most of these dogs are emaciated and weak because the workers at these sites do not feed them. They are all abandoned dogs.

Despite the abuse and neglect they have suffered, they still trust humans and are ever grateful for any kindness that they receive.

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Bless Lester and his mum, Jenny, for all that they do.

Bless these dogs and may they have the strength to carry on.

2 comments to Lester and mum feed the abandoned dogs at the industrial sites

  • Norely Abd Rahman

    Bless your heart, Lester & mum!

  • my mother and i really wish to thank Dr Chan of AnimalCare for her continuous support on our work.
    we recently received total of 8 packets of dog kibbles and 36 cans of canned food. this will greatly help and fill stomachs of those strays.
    we are truly grateful and we want to thank them again on behalf of the strays we care for.
    thank you.